Watch Pretty Little Liars Online: Season 6 Episode 7

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Happy birthday to youuuuuu! Happy birthday dear Charles, happy birthday to youuuuu!

Charles threw himself a birthday bash on Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 7, and while it may not have turned out to be the friendliest party in the world, nobody died. So, there's that.

Ali and Jason discovered their second cousin Freddie from home movies, the dude whose party they attended back in the day? Second cousin/brother Charlie same difference. Surprise! 

Another surprise comes for Toby when he eats a yummy brownie of Spencer's. Just when you think he might talk to her about her bad habits, he gobbles up a tasty treat instead. That's gonna do some damage to his reputation and possibly their relationship.

And Sara? She's moving out. But is that good news or bad news. It's kind of a mixed bag, actually, depending upon how you look at it. Find out what the heck we're talkin' about when you watch Pretty Little Liars online. Click below to get started!

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