Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 7 Review: As Long As We Both Shall Live

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Married life isn't supposed to be this heartbreaking.

On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 7, April and Leo are finally adjusting to life as newlyweds. Things are not that easy for April as she has always lived at home with her family and never lived with a boyfriend before being wed. It seems as though April may be having second thoughts about the whole married life.

A Possible Future - Chasing Life

This particular episode showed the raw and emotional side of a newly married couple. It definitely showcased the difficulties a couple may have when one of the spouses is facing medical issues.

Leo suggested to his co-workers that he would love to have children one day. April, on the other hand, isn't so sure if she even has a future to look forward to.

April knows that with her health declining, chances are she may not be able to have children. Even if her health gets better, April's cancer may come out of remission, jeopardizing her future once again making it hard for her to raise a family. It seems like either way, April's battle with herself may never be over.

April feels like her back is against the wall with whatever decision she makes regarding starting a family with Leo. She may want to have children, but in the back of her mind is the fear she may not live long enough to enjoy the family they choose to create.

It's a bit heartbreaking seeing the pain in April's eyes when the topic of starting a family comes up.

It also seems like viewers are finally getting closer to finding out more information about the life of April's complex father, Thomas.

There has to be some truth to what the manuscript contained or else George wouldn't have shredded the papers, right? Could it have held some intriguing information about George? Only time will tell.

Beth is the true definition of a ride or die best friend when she decides to go on the date with Josh from Pharkas. Everyone needs a Beth in their life who is willing to go above and beyond to help out a friend in need.

It turns out Beth may even actually like Josh. I think Josh may be a nice guy for Beth, and he will definitely help her get over Graham. She seems to want to take things slow with this guy and not end up with her heart broken again.

It's quite interesting how the show continues to explore Brenna's sexuality. I'm extremely happy that she decided to stand her ground with her new LGTBQ group when they proclaimed there's no way a person can be bisexual. Brenna deserves to not be placed in a box based built on other people's expectations.

As time goes on, I think Brenna and Finn could have a nice friendship that's not based on labels.

With April finally accepting that she should live life to the fullest, tragedy happens. Leo dies in his sleep. After everything April has been through, she loses the love of her life.

Whenever April seems to find a piece of happiness, it gets taken away from her within a blink of an eye. "As Long As We Both Shall Live" was definitely a tearjerker, and my heart truly aches for April.

How will she cope with the loss of Leo? Don't forget you can watch Chasing Life online here at TV Fanatic. What did you think about the episode?

As Long As We Both Shall Live Review

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