Days of Our Lives Round Table: Whose Talent Is Being Wasted?

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It was a week full of honest revelations in Salem as Eric let Nicole go, Nicole told Daniel the truth and Chad confessed all to Abigail. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fluffysmom and Stickywicket from MyHourglass a Days of Lives fan forum to debate who’s the baby daddy, Clyde’s manipulation and whose talent is currently being wasted on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you believe Clyde’s story about that being the ring he was going to give his late wife?

Jack: Not at all. As a general rule, if Clyde's lips are moving, he's lying. I wouldn't be surprised if that ring was stolen from his late wife after he killed her.

Fluffysmom: I don't believe Clyde's story about the ring at all. Why would he be carrying around the ring after this many years? The timing of Clyde showing up with the ring is way too convenient.

Stickywicket: I think Clyde is a great liar and will take any chance he can to spin the odds in favor of Ben and Abigail, so nope do not believe him.

Christine:  I’ll give the man credit where it’s due, he definitely knows how to spin a tale. Wouldn’t surprise me if he just went out and bought the darn thing. The story was purely to manipulate Ben. 

Pick one instance on the show where you think a talented actor is stuck in a thankless role?

Jack: A few actors are being wasted, but I think Kassie DePaiva is one of the worst. Eve SHOULD be a complex, broken woman who also has a compassionate side. Instead she just goes round and round with Jennifer and never gets anywhere.

Fluffysmom: Kassie DePaiva as Eve is the perfect example. Eve has been stuck in a storyline rut for so long. She doesn't do anything but harass Jennifer and try to talk to Paige. I'm hoping that she will get a new interesting storyline soon.

Stickywicket: We need the back story of Theresa, Jen Lilley is very talented but we need to know exactly why she is the way she is.

Christine: I agree with both of the above choices. Jen Lilley always makes me feel more for Theresa than the story allows and Kassie DePaiva was a powerhouse on One Life to Live. She can do so much more here but I’ll add one more. Missy Reeves as Jennifer. She’s stuck worrying about her kids and have the save argument with Eve over and over and over again. 

Predict Abigail’s paternity test results.

Jack: I am sure that for now the baby will be Ben's so that she has a reason to stay with him. But I think it's ultimately going to turn out to be Chad's.

Fluffysmom: I think the baby will be Chad's but the results will be changed to show Ben is the father. At least I hope that Chad is the father. I suspect the story may play out awhile before the truth is revealed. 

Stickywicket: I think it will be Ben's no matter what, obviously, but I have a feeling it might be Chad's.

Christine: Clyde’s going to rig the results to be Ben’s but I’m hoping it’s really Chad’s and that we don’t have to wait months or years for the truth to come out. On a side note, why would anyone do a paternity test at University Hospital? Their track record is appalling. 

Eric stepped aside, Nicole told the truth, and Daniel forgave her. On a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most) how surprised were you by these events?

Jack: I was not surprised at all. These are the Eric, Daniel, and Nicole that I first met a couple of years ago. I don't know who these strangers are who have taken their place over the last few years.

Fluffysmom: I'm not all that surprised that Eric stepped aside. I'm giving it a 3. As for Nicole being honest and Daniel forgiving her I give that an 8. I'm most surprised that both of these happened so quickly. I fully expected it to be awhile before the truth came out. 

Stickywicket: I would have to say a 1, it is in Eric's nature to do this with his previous background.

Christine: Nice point Jack about these characters and how they’ve changed. But I have to give this an 8. The fact that all three of them managed to handle this like mature adults was shocking given their previous recent history. 

Was there anything that disappointed you in Salem this week?

Jack: Serena still being in town. Also I had hoped that Eric would succeed in bringing out Eve's better side. Instead she was back to flirting with her daughter's boyfriends and sniping at Jennifer.

Fluffysmom: Ben being so easily manipulated into proposing. The proposal itself was lame. Theresa continuing to scheme instead of using that time to bond with her son.

Stickywicket: I am looking forward to the new writing, so I will hold my tongue until that happens.

Christine: Why is Serena still taking up space in Salem. It’s such a waste. I also agree about Theresa. I wasn’t expecting miracles but I thought being a mother would promote some sort of change for the better but she’s as bad as she’s ever been. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story line from the week?

Jack: I loved the Daniel/Nicole scenes this week. Also, I was surprisingly enthusiastic about Bev's exit scenes. She was at her most mature and actually made me wish she was staying!

Fluffysmom: My favorite scenes this week featured Lucas, Justin, Adrienne and Kate. I liked the honest conversations. Lucas truly wants Adrienne to be happy even if that means she goes back to Justin.

Stickywicket: I liked how, with a little prodding from Daniel, Nicole admitted to what happened between her Eric. I think there is hope for a better Nicole!

Christine:  I loved how honest Chad was with Abigail. He poured his heart out to her. Billy Flynn knocked those scenes out of the park and I’m really rooting for #Chabby to get together. 

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