Proof Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Tsunami: Part One

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It turns out, Patricia wasn't as frightening as she appeared at first light.

Throughout Proof Season 1 Episode 9, Cat had very detailed visions that mimicked her near death experience. She's having them at the most inopportune times, including when she's wide awake in surgery. While Will was always there, Patricia was also a frequent visitor.

What does it all mean? Cat wanted more than ever to find out and to make them stop. Even Peter Van Owen had some really interesting theories on what's going on. Let's chat about it!

I was initially surprised the case of the week didn't insert itself more integrally into Cat's desire to know what's going on in the afterlife. My reasoning is because of a conversation she had with Adam's wife, Samantha, when Samantha was struggling with her decision to take her husband off of life support.

Samantha's decision was hanging because she was afraid of letting go of her husband and never seeing him again. If Cat knew what was next, she could give the woman definitive proof that letting him go wouldn't be the end. However, Patricia was there share her knowledge with Samantha, instead.

Considering the conversation Cat had with Patricia earlier in the hallway, essentially asking her to leave and never come back, Patricia's chat with Samantha essentially let us know she wasn't the bad guy in our world. But she wasn't off the hook completely, because Peter Van Owen didn't know if she was playing with a full deck, either.

He had heard of stories where people who have had near death experiences claim to have a foot in each world, one in the afterlife and one in the present. But who is to know if it's real or not? It's so interesting how well-rounded Van Owen has become as the series has progressed. His personal issues have left him open to all possibilities himself, and he and Cat are almost on equal footing with what's real and what isn't at this point.

Patricia seemed to make sense when she said she tried to warn Cat about what she's experiencing now. It might have been nice if she had been more pointed in her earlier warnings. Cat's not unreasonable, and if she had been told she might start hallucinating if she poked around to much or her mind might start playing tricks on her, she might have reconsidered what she was doing.

OK. Probably not. Cat would have probably thought it was crazy talk, but at least she would have only had herself to blame. The way Patricia went about it was so darn cryptic and scary, she actually kept Cat on the search for the afterlife. Goal not achieved!

Things are going to the next level as far as Ivan Turing is concerned. He's sick of waiting around. He's built a flatline machine and wants Cat to help him. When she turned him down, Janel offered up Zed, who she trusted implicitly after a very brief romantic fling that went south when he appeared to take up with his ex girlfriend again.

When Ivan was rushed to the hospital, Cat went to his flatline machine. The credits rolled and now we need to wait for Proof Season 1 Episode 10 to see what she sees. I will not put it past her to jump up onto that table and flatline herself, but the odds are she'll call on Zed for help. What will she see? Who can't wait to find out? {{{raises hand}}}

On a personal note, this date marks what would have been my dad's 77th birthday and 18 years to the day since we scattered his ashes. I'm still waiting for my proof. Maybe covering this show is a sign. I can live with that.

All in all, this hour just felt like a jet propeller to get us to that finale. What happens there should be amazing and whether or not we get any answers is about to be discovered!

In the meantime, you can watch Proof online to catch up. Don't miss this wonderful series, you guys!!

Tsunami: Part One Review

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Proof Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Cat: You're going to let this machine kill you.
Ivan: Yes! I'm going to flatline. At least temporarily.

I've never told anyone this before, but donating my son's organs was incredibly difficult for me. I mean, you'd think, as a doctor, it would be easy for me. But there was a part of me that wanted my perfect, beautiful boy to stay that way.