Stitchers Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Full Stop

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Who else is still trying to compose themselves after that crazy season finale?

On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 10, Kirsten learned the truth about her temporal dysplasia and how it played a part in her mother's death. Cameron proved, without a doubt, he can be trusted. Unfortunately, like most season finales go, there were more questions than answers. But it was still a lot of fun to watch!

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss the rousing events of "Full Stop."

A Shooting - Stitchers

Les Turner proved his creepy factor even more when he was talking with Detective Fisher. Les is one of those people who instantly makes your skin crawl. He really is the perfect person to front a secret government organization.

The girl talk between Camille and Kirsten was wondering – until Cameron and Detective Fisher were shot. It's interesting to look back at Stitchers Season 1 Episode 1 and see how far Camille and Kirsten's friendship has evolved. It went from a strictly hate relationship to one of love/hate and has now turned into a mutual respect for each other. 

How come they never trained someone else on how to work the stitcher program? Being a well-funded government project, you'd think they would have sprung for someone else to be trained in how to work Cameron's program. There's nothing wrong with having a backup plan.

Linus getting his panties all in a wad over Camille was irritating. While I understand he was feeling left out, it was unlike him to act like such a child. Cameron brought up some good points about Linus not having the finesse it takes to control of the stitcher program. Linus is extremely intelligent, but Camille would excel at doing what Cameron currently does.

Why would Linus think Camille would know how he felt about Cameron training her? Camille wasn't trying to learn the program to spite Linus – she wanted to be more integral to the team. Linus didn't need to get angry with Camille over a decision Cameron made on his own.

Ed certainly went through a lot of trouble to help Kirsten out. For a man whom we never really knew, his love for Kirsten has been proven by all the various things he did to keep her safe. It seemed like Kirsten had a better understanding of the man Ed was after watching the video he left for her.

It was unnerving watching a young Kirsten being stitched into her mother. It was heartbreaking when Kirsten's father cradled her and realized his wife was dead. How horrifying for Kirsten to find out the entire stitching process is what killed her mother.

Of course the person who shot Detective Fisher would be found dead. It's clear he thought he was doing the right thing and was protecting Kirsten. Kirsten seeing her mom in his memories and wanting to stay was hard to watch – Kirsten deserves to have her memories back, and hopefully she'll find a way to recover those she's missing. 

It made sense why Kirsten would still be leery of trusting people, especially given all she has been through. Of all the people working for the program, Cameron would probably be the most trustworthy. He has been there for Kirsten when she was at her most vulnerable and has proven himself as a great friend. 

Cameron putting his own life at risk to help find out who's behind the threats was admirable. It's not a huge surprise that Les would be all for stitching into Cameron despite the risk of death. Guess it was a good thing Cameron taught Camille how to use the stitcher program.

The big twist of Cameron and Kirsten having met when they were kids was completely unexpected. I am beyond happy Kirsten finally realized Cameron has always had feelings for her and she has always been on his mind and in his thoughts. 

My only complaint is the cliffhanger – why couldn't we have had five more minutes? At least Stitchers was renewed for a second season because I need to know what happens next.

Do you think Cameron and Detective Fisher will survive? Do you think we will find out who's behind the threats? Even though we saw Kirsten's mom, could she possibly still be alive? 

Did you miss out on this crazy finale? You're in luck! Go watch Stitchers online now via TV Fanatic and come back to let us know what you think. 

Full Stop Review

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