Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

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Ummm...time for panic? 

It might have been five years in the making, but after Suits Season 5 Episode 10, it seems like Mike's big secret is finally out of the bag for good this time. Unless this is all one big misunderstanding, I'm not sure how Mike or Harvey can weasel their way out of such a big mess. 

Talk about your bait and switch! 

All night, it seemed like Mike was teetering perilously close to the decision to leave his fraudulent ways behind. Quitting the firm, like Trevor suggested, appeared to be the only way to do so, but Mike needed a little bit of help resolving himself to that future.

Enter Father Sam.

As a rule, I don't particularly love it when a new character is introduced out of the blue who just so happens to have a long and meaningful history with one of our main cast. It's hard to get invested in someone who is so clearly a plot device.

So naturally, I was all geared up to roll my eyes at Father Sam's role as events progressed.

I'm happy to admit that I ate my words on that front because Mike's scenes with his childhood priest were some of the most emotionally bare and moving scenes of the season. Possibly the series.

Mike has always played the victim in his own tragedy, blaming Trevor, Harvey, Jessica, and basically anyone who could possibly be responsible for his own shortcomings. Father Sam shone a light on that glaring personality flaw, and made Mike take a long look at the choices he made that have led him to this point.

Father Sam: There's a difference between intelligence and wisdom, and if you don't figure that out eventually, you're going to have a lot bigger problems than an F. Because you can't outsmart-
Mike: God?
Father Sam: I know. I know you don't believe in God. So let's just call him... consequences.

The scene where he showed Mike the donated books his parents used to read to him? Tears were shed. Both by the absolutely brilliant Patrick J. Adams and myself, curled up in a ball on my couch, in desperate need of a hug. 

After that, Mike's choice to leave his life as a lawyer behind seemed like a natural decision, full of personal growth and inner harmony.

Which is why the writers threw us all for a loop by ending with his arrest! 

The big question is, of course, who turned Mike in? My money on that score is on Hardman. After losing Forstman as a backer, he had to be out for blood, and enough people know the secret these days that I'm sure he could find out somehow.

Speaking of Harvey, I have to admit to being a little disappointed with his flashback sequence.

For many moons now, we've all been wondering just what went down between Harvey's cheating mother and his cuckolded father. What awful turn of events could have left Harvey so scarred? Tonight, we found out that it was pretty standard as far as cheating, betrayal, and discovery goes. The only wildcard was realizing that Harvey was the one to break his father's heart by choosing to reveal his mother's infidelity in the worst possible way. 

It wasn't weakness that made you break your word. It was love.

Dr. Agard

Tying in Harvey's past parental issues to his current dilemma with Jessica was a great way to tie up his therapy arc. I'd certainly love to see more of Dr. Agard in the back end of the season if possible, but if tonight turns out to be her last appearance, then at least she went out with a bang.

And at least we got to see her finally meet Donna!

Donna: Thank you again for what you're thinking.
Dr. Agard: And what is that?
Donna: That he never would have come to see you, if it hadn't been for me.
Dr. Agard: You really can do that.

To round out this finale review, let's talk about the running theme of this installment: Family.

Mike's inability to deal with the loss of his parents – and thus his own place in the world – was finally put away in the hopes that he could build a new family with Rachel. Harvey's guilt over abandoning his broken family when they needed him most helped inform his decision to step down rather than fight to stay with the firm.

Even Louis and Jessica, who were constantly at odds this season, had a touching moment of allegiance.

This firm – or at least the five or six really pretty people within it we see working there every week – has become a real family over the past five years. 

We can only hope that they'll band together like a family now that one of them is in need!

Who turned in Mike? How did they know his secret? And how on earth will Harvey clear his name? All questions to be answered when Suits returns for his finale six episodes in the spring! 

Stay tuned, Suits fans, and be sure to watch Suits online while we wait out this long hiatus!

Faith Review

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I don't want to be an orphan.


Take a picture, because tomorrow morning? Those letters are coming down.