Suits Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Hitting Home

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It may have taken five seasons, but Harvey and Louis have finally come to physical blows! And boy, was it ugly.

After an emotionally draining episode like Suits Season 5 Episode 7, it's hard to determine who needs our sympathy the most: Harvey for his mommy issues, Mike for his fraud issues, or Louis for his poor broken face! 

I think the dark horse in that race would actually be Jack Soloff.

After so many weeks of vile and villainous behavior, we were finally given a look at why Jack does the horrible things he does. Admittedly, it was hard to trust Jack at first. Beware of double-crossers offering lucrative cases.

But the more Jack and Mike worked together, the clearer it became that Jack could possibly be one of the good guys – a suspicion that was reinforced when he refused to let Hardman manipulate him into betraying the firm again.

You have to feel sorry for the guy, though. Not everyone can be hotshots like Harvey, Mike, and Jessica. Some people pay their dues for 20 years, grinding out the hours and working their asses off, and they still don't come out on top. Looking at it that way... I'd probably want to pick a fight with Harvey, too. 

Now we'll just have to wait and see if Jack becomes an ally for Team Harvey, or if Hardman can tempt him back to the dark side. 

If you want to get along with me, you better find a way to get along with him.


Mike turned out to be a good vessel through which to tell Jack's redemption story. He had the least turbulent past with Soloff, making their tentative friendship believable, and he's always been the first to forgive and forget others' misdeeds.

Perhaps that's because he has so many secret misdeeds of his own?

After all these years and with so many people in the know, it's easy to forget that Mike is still lying about his law degree to the rest of the world. He may be practicing law in the big leagues, but he's still a fraud. Which is why when Jack pays it forward and suggests Mike for junior partner, Jessica demands that he turn down the position.

Remember that glass ceiling that caused Mike to quit at the end of Suits Season 3?

Yep, it's back with a vengeance!

Something tells me that this time, Mike won't just sit back and let his secret keep him from success. Unfortunately, any rebellion against Jessica would be poorly timed now that she's about to go head to head with Hardman. 

Meanwhile, Darvey fans finally got some action tonight in both good and bad ways.

Harvey and Donna's standing anniversary date – go ahead and let that sink in, shippers – was an adorable way to get these two back on civil speaking terms. It's only a shame the can opener didn't make an appearance! Sadly for us though, their little dinner didn't lead back to friendship, since Donna sees all.

Once again, Donna found herself stuck in between Harvey and Louis, after realizing that Harvey had broken his promise not to sleep with Esther. As much as I'm loving this change up of loyalty for Donna, I decidedly don't enjoy seeing her pulled between two men like she's a tug-of-war chew toy. 

Can Gretchen reveal that she's actually a high-powered attorney, so Donna can go work for her? Thanks.

Louis and Esther's relationship got quite a bit more focus this week too, which was a relief since their brother/sister bond was barely touched on during Esther's first episode. I would have to say that Louis' defining personality trait has always been insecurity, and his scenes with Esther tonight really highlighted the source of that.

I'm not going to let you treat me like I'm less than you!


Sibling rivalry isn't always fun or cute; it can be damaging and painful. This new information about Louis' inferiority complex with his sister really helps shed some light on some of his more... aggressive tendencies. Especially with Harvey, whom he's always seen as competition.

There wasn't too much competition in their quick scuffle at the end of the night, though.

Admittedly, Louis came on a little too strong considering Harvey had just made an unsettling breakthrough with Dr. Agard about his mother. Learning you've developed the same habits as the mother you hate? Bad news. I'd probably want to punch something, too. Just not my best friend/long time rival! 

Louis, for all his bluster, didn't stand a chance against Harvey. That's something that is not going to work in Harvey's favor in Suits Season 5 Episode 8, when Louis decides he wants to press assault and battery charges! 

Can Louis forgive and forget? Or will this feud give Harman the opportunity he's been waiting for to swoop in and destroy Jessica? 

I'd recommend a few of you go watch Suits online to revisit old episodes, especially since next week Troian Bellisario will be reprising her role as Mike's old flame! 

Hitting Home Review

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Suits Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Mike: Jessica no you can't make me work with that man.
Jessica: Oh, I can make you work with the goddamn window washers if I want to. And if you don't do this, you might find yourself dangling 50 stories above the ground.

Louis doesn't do anything quietly.