Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Love is a Battlefield

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It'll all be over soon.

That's what ran through my mind while watching Under the Dome Season 3 Episode 11, which shattered my hopes that the show could be getting good again.

It felt like a cop out to kill off Eva so soon. It was freaking predictable, right? The fact that Christine did it sucked. If anyone should have been saying goodbye, it should have been her. Marg Helgenberger just seemed bored throughout all of her scenes. It's almost like she's beyond caring about the writing, and it shows. 

Testing a Cure - Under the Dome

We're left wondering; what the frack is Christine's deal? I feel like that should be the tagline for Under The Dome Season 3.  She has the baby, so what line of BS is she pulling from the trash can next? I'm guessing the baby will be key to bringing the dome down for good, but if Aktion has their way, it won't be coming down. 

Barbie continued to disappoint. Like, he was complaining that he wanted to return Eva to the woman he just met. Does he not realize that his whole relationship is built on a pack of lies? Can someone give him a nice dose of reality?

I don't get why Julia keeps feeling like she has to stick by him. There are only so many times that you can be second best before going crazy. Obviously things will be a little easy going now that Eva is out of the picture, but there's a good chance the final two episodes will be about Barbie getting his kid back, and I'm not even sure that it really has his DNA. I have to give props to Julia's one liner about how fast the pregnancy went. 

Also, Julia should never change careers and become a midwife. I'm surprised the baby isn't dead the way she was pressing on Eva's abdomen. She shouldn't have been taking her hatred out on the kid.

I also don't get why Jim has suddenly become all sentimental. Make no mistake, Jim's one liners are what's kept me glued to the show this season. Even through all the random developments, he is the best character on the show, so I do hope he returns to his funny self next week. He's never wanted to be a father to Junior, so I don't get why he would want to be one now. 

As expected, Norrie was affected by going all dead shot last week, which is good character development, I guess. I hope she's the one who ultimately ends Christine's reign of terror because that's probably the only way she isn't going to spiral out of control. She'll feel like she's at least done something good. 

I just don't care for the Lily and her father storyline. We only met her a few weeks ago, so there is no reason to give a crap what happens to her. If Aktion just disappeared altogether, it would probably help me enjoy the final two episodes a little more. 

"Love is a Battlefield" was a train wreck, and I'm just praying that we get some closure in these final two episodes in the event that there isn't a renewal. The fans deserve it after three seasons.

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Note: Under The Dome Season 3 Episode 12 airs Thursday September 3 at 10/9C on CBS. 

Love is a Battlefield Review

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