Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 Review: A Stray Howl

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Could Jane Doe really be Taylor Shaw?

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 seemed to hint toward that being the case, but just how guilty will Kurt really feel if that rings true?

A Heads Up - Blindspot

Well, considering Taylor disappeared when she was just ten years old and his father was blamed for her murder, let's just say there'll be some awkward family dinners before they repair their relationship. 

Kurt totally cut his father off, and it's evident he feels bad. Is this only because he found out about his father's pending demise?

Probably, but death makes you think about things in a new light, and for Kurt, it would make a lot of sense if Jane was Taylor. That scar on her back is way too similar to Taylor's to dismiss. 

Kurt has clearly been open to Bethany about how Taylor's disappearance affected him. She kind off acted like us at home and immediately went into a stage of denial about the whole thing. I'll be shocked if Jane is her because we are so early into the show's run. I don't expect to get any solid facts before the end of the season.

They're not going to give much in the way of answers until then. 

I wouldn't be surprised if we find out she isn't Taylor, only for a season-ending reveal that she is. This is TV after all. I did enjoy having more insight into the character of Kurt, but he is just isn't all that interesting. Jaimie Alexander is carrying the show at this stage, and I don't know how long she'll be able to pull that off. 

Aside from one or two snarky comments from Jane, the characters are just way too serious. They need to lighten up a little for us to care a bit more about them. Patterson is the only one, apart from Jane, that is remotely likeable. Expect some shuffles in the cast come mid-season.

Bethany: Like a Google alert on her tattoos?
Madison: It's a little bit more sophisticated than that, but yeah, like a Google alert,.

The case of the week wasn't all that engaging, either. Gibson was a terrible villain, but I did like that he was always one step ahead of Kurt and Jane. It's not often this happens on TV nowadays and I wouldn't have been surprised if they let him get away in the end. 

Elsewhere, Jane worrying about who she was before all of this happened was some pretty fine character development. It's only natural that she's curious about who she really is, right? There were a lot of flashbacks for her, but these won't make any sense until the dude from them tells her the truth.

Hopefully that's soon because I can see the suspense slipping away already. Perhaps a more solid case will work to combat this. 

Jane: What if I was a terrible person before all of this?
Kurt: I don't think you were, Jane.

Blindspot is a unique show. They just need to find a decent balance that shows the full potential of the show and "A Stray Howl" didn't quite pull it off.

The show is still moving a little too fast for my liking. I can't be the only one struggling to make sense of all the developments before the show moves on to the next crazy scene. 

What did you think of "A Stray Howl"? Does the show need to tone down the pace? Are you enjoying all of the characters? Hit the comments below!

Note: Blindspot Season 1 Episode 3 airs Monday October 5 at 10/9c on NBC.

A Stray Howl Review

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Bethany: Like a Google alert on her tattoos?
Madison: It's a little bit more sophisticated than that, but yeah, like a Google alert,.

Jane: Couldn't I just kick the door down? It didn't look that heavy.
Kurt: No, you can't, Jane. That isn't how it works.