Castle Season Premiere Spoilers: A Makeover, A Mystery & More

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It’s out! ABC has released a screener for early review of Castle Season 8 Episode 1.

I’ve seen “XY” and I’m here to tease you with it. Without giving away too much of the story, here are some things for you to know.


Be warned. If you want to go completely spoiler free you should really stop reading now.

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  • Castle gives Beckett a first day on the job present, which later becomes a clue in a mass murder and a huge, new mystery.
  • Castle’s P.I. Office gets a makeover.
  • Hayley Shipton has her own ideas about how a P.I. should work and they are the opposite of Castle’s.
  • Beckett keeps Castle and the audience in the dark. Hopefully we'll find out why in Castle Season 8 Episode 2, "XX"
  • Alexis takes on a much bigger role. Some fans will love it. Some fans will not.
  • Spiders! That’s all I’ll say as I cower in fear.
  • Castle and Bracken have one of the best scenes of the episode. Bracken can make you question anything and anyone. It’s his gift.
  • Esposito performs perhaps his most badass take down ever.
  • A beloved uniformed officer is shot.
  • Someone from Beckett’s past is killed. 

Bonus quote: 

Hayley: You really love her don’t you?

Castle: Like a house on fire.

To be honest, there were things I liked and didn't like about this Castle Season 8 premiere - but I'll get into them all in my Castle review on Monday, Sept. 21st, so be sure to tune in to ABC and then check back here at TV Fanatic to discuss and debate.

And if you can't wait another minute, you can watch Castle online any time here at TV Fanatic. 

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Castle Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Kate: I wish that you were coming with me.
Rick: What am I going to do, sit outside your office and fetch you coffee?
Kate: Yeah, you're great at fetching. I've trained you well.

Kate: Babe, did you set your hair on fire again?
Rick: No, that was just one time. It's just that I'm so good looking I'm literally smoking hot.