Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 13 Review: La Dolce Vida

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On Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 13, the drama continues as the Carvers finally confront Olivia and Natalie about their decision to publish Thomas' manuscript. Plus, April and Beth go on a well deserved girls' trip to Rome, Italy.

Natalie and Olivia just wouldn't let Thomas' manuscript stay a family secret. They had their minds set on destroying the Carvers for something that was all Thomas' fault. 

Deep down I always knew Natalie was a bit jealous of April and Brenna. For starters, Natalie was a love child and was forced to be a secret her whole life. Natalie never had the chance to grow up in the same household as her father and siblings, which made her feel like an outcast.

Trip to Rome - Chasing Life

You don't know what it's like to constantly feel like someone's second choice.


Olivia was brainwashing Natalie to turn her against the Carvers. She played mind tricks with Natalie and made her feel like Thomas didn't care about them at all. Since Thomas was successful at faking his death, April, Sara and Brenna received his insurance money. Natalie and Olivia didn't receive a dime. Olivia used her greed for Thomas' insurance money turn her into a cruel, vindictive woman.

It's quite sad that Olivia went as far as to blackmail the Carvers. Olivia needed to understand that she had an affair with Thomas, and they were never married. I'm happy that Natalie was able to break from her mother's spell to think for herself. They had no right to be upset at something that was inevitably Thomas' fault. 

I did what my brother wanted me to do.


Poor George was only doing what his big brother asked him to do. He probably assumed he was doing the right thing for the family. It was a very sticky situation for George to be in. Can you imagine having that type of burden weighing heavy on your heart every time you saw your brother's family? 

We're all in this together, whether we like it or not.


George was clever to create the cease and desist letter, but that didn't stop Olivia. Now that Olivia has brought police into the situation, George will most likely go to jail and lose his license. Yikes! Once Natalie finds out what Olivia did, she'll probably distance herself from her mother. Natalie pretty much begged Olivia to forget about the manuscript, but Olivia refused to let bygones be bygones.

I really like you, but maybe this wasn't meant to be.


Now, let's discuss Finn and Brenna. From the moment their relationship started developing, I hated it. I knew that it wouldn't last and Brenna would end up with her heart broken yet again. I always wanted them to remain just friends. Everyone that Brenna has fell in love with eventually pushes her away.

You're like this because of me?


Finn seemed like it was Brenna's fault that he was in the hospital again. Brenna was always cautious about getting too close to Finn. He decided to take things to the next level.

Now that Brenna knows she could possibly be Finn's donor, I wonder if she'll tell him. With Greer back in the picture, Brenna could soon forget about her brief relationship with Finn. Hopefully the donor news will open the door for Brenna and Finn to continue their friendship.

It's not giving up, because I already won.


In the midst of all the drama, April has finally figured her life out. She has gone through so much this entire season. Even with her declining health, I feel like April is realizing that cancer did not win. She is the real winner throughout this whole ordeal. April has loved, lost, changed professions, dealt with family secrets, all while fighting for her life. She will no longer allow cancer stop her from being a carefree 25-year-old, which is truly inspiring. 

In a short amount of time, April has lived a fulfilling life and if it were to end soon, she would be grateful because she lived. Everything on her bucket list is scratched off. April has found her purpose in life and the reason to finish that last chapter of her manuscript. 

The impromptu trip to Rome was what April, Dominic and Beth all needed. Here's why:

  • Beth was able to reflect on the beautiful life she's about to create with Josh by her side. While the pregnancy was unexpected, it'll give Beth a reason to create like she's never created before. (Baby fashion line in the making?) This baby will give her the love she's always searched for and needed. 
  • Dominic realized that while he and April may still have feelings for each other, they shouldn't rush into things just yet. 
  • April will most likely finish her long awaited manuscript. (Yay!) Also, she will no longer allow cancer to control her life.

What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about Olivia blackmailing the Carvers? Do you think Thomas will go to jail? Are you happy that April is okay with the direction her life is headed? 

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La Dolce Vida Review

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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I did what my brother wanted me to do.


Who cares what Olivia does with it?