Rosewood Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Fireflies and Fidelity

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Can you believe that egotistical Rosewood has potential to become a likeable character?

On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 2, we finally get a glimpse inside of Rosewood's personal life. It seems like Rosewood has had an issue with dating his entire life. His family notices it, even Det. Villa.

One can assume that because of his health condition, Rosewood doesn't want to get emotionally attached to anyone, which explains his revolving door of women.

Miss thang doesn't like to watch movies?


Rosewood claims to really care about Kat, it's just odd that he's never introduced her to his family. Is it commitment issues or just plain fear of having someone truly care for him?

Kat and Rosewood are a far better pair than unofficial partners, Villa and Rosey. Rosewood and Kat have history and are more believable as an item. Let's hope Rosewood doesn't mess it up by playing with Kat's emotions.

Life's not fair. You of all people should know that.


Like any mother, Donna cares about Rosewood. When he dropped the bombshell that he took his name off the transplant list, you could see the pain and disbelief in her eyes. Donna knows that Rosewood may not have that long to live and she wants him to make the most of the time has left. She wants her son to stop shutting people out and start trusting someone with his feelings and emotions.

You focus on your personal life, I focus on mine.

Det. Villa

Rosewood and Villa actually got along enough to get a little personal. Villa somewhat admitted why she's such a tough individual. She revealed that while she loves being back home, it's hard for her. That's understandable. For whatever reason, she's no longer in contact with her father, which is causing her to push everyone away.

Villa doesn't want things to get too personal though and prefers to stay professional. This is Villa's attempt to not talk about her personal problems. 

You lost your husband. I feel for you.

Capt. Hornstock

Det. Villa definitely has some underlying issues. That bloody punch at the club was totally uncalled for. Villa has anger management issues mixed with the emotions of her husband's recent passing. Her issues are so noticeable that Capt. Hornstock forced her to go to therapy or else lose her job.

The shocker that took me by surprise was that Rosewood's lady friend, Kat, is Villa's therapist.

I'm interested in learning more about Villa's back story. Villa has this tough girl exterior that just screams she has personal issues. Something has happened to Villa in her past that has made her want to return to Miami. She wants to get over whatever it is she's holding onto, and she returned back home to do so.

It's just not working as quickly as she hope it would, thus the lashing out.

I'm not feeling all that close with the man upstairs these days.

Det. Villa

I'm glad that we are starting to dig a little deeper into the characters' personal lives. For Rosewood, it makes you forget that he has an ego problem. He does have a softer side that's longing for love, which I hope gets explored a little more. Villa has a reason why she's quick tempered.

Now that we know she's seeking professional help, her character has potential to become likable, as well.

Rosewood is finally bringing the drama that I needed. It seems like it will no longer focus on Rosewood's charm and more so on the talents he has to offer the city of Miami. I'm also glad that Villa and Rosewood stopped bickering and were able to work together to solve a crime. 

Do you think Villa has anger problems? How did you feel about Donna asking to meet Kat? Do you think Kat and Villa will learn that they have a mutual connection with Rosewood?

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Fireflies and Fidelity Review

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