Scorpion Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Cuba Libre

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Look, I didn't hate Sonja, but I didn't like her too much either.

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 2, Cabe was reunited with Sonja, a girl he met long ago when she was just a child. While it was a really cool story and promised to be super emotional, it wasn't. The best part of Sonja's entire presence was her reunion with Cabe. After that, she was just kind of there.

We were supposed to feel for Sonja and fall in love with her relationship with Cabe. It was clearly the point of her presence. Instead, all of their scenes just never felt quite right. While there were traces of fatherly care in the story of how they met, those traces didn't carry through.

Yes, yes, they don't really know each other at all, so it would have been weird from them to act super close, but since we had such an emotional reunion where their instant connection was highlighted so much, it set the bar high for the rest of the case. Cabe and Sonja just didn't deliver.

Then, there was that whole speech that Cabe made to Sonja about not giving into hate, and later on she told Zoric that she was better than him because she had humanity. Yeah, I could have done without that.

It was just so predictable and forced. I would have rather we focus on what it has been like for Sonja growing up with all of that pain and horror, or even what she went through as she adjusted to being adopted and living in a new land.

Sonja referenced the pain she had inside of her when she spoke with Paige, but she didn't go any deeper than that. What did you think of Sonja? Was she a welcomed addition to the team for an episode or not so much?

Instead of highlighting what Sonja has been through, she was used to perplex Walter and his never ending quest to find the point in emotion.

Walter should still be struggling to find the right balance between logic and emotion. It's not something that he would have magically learned by starting to develop feelings for Paige. That being said, most of his storyline felt familiar and slightly boring. Did you agree or did you enjoy Walter struggling with finding the right balance between emotion and logic?

We all know that Walter doesn't do well with emotion and that he thinks that it gets in the way of work. Him debating that issue with Paige of all people isn't new or exciting, Maybe he could have tried to talk to someone else about it. Let's mix up the team partnerships a bit. It could have made this all feel a little more interesting and new.

At least the end lesson was slightly different this time. Paige brought up that Walter needs to first accept that he is ruled (or at least swayed) by emotion. It's the first step in becoming a functional human being, at least for Walter. I'm glad that Walter has a goal now. We don't have to watch him sort of circle around trying to discover the use of emotion in work.

Cabe: Son, have I ever put you in an unsafe situation?
Sylvester: All the time.
Cabe: Then you should be used to it!

Sylvester and Toby always amuse me. They were great comic relief, and we got to check in a little bit on how Sylvester and Megan were doing. It would have been great to have Sylvester comment on how they are doing or share some anecdote about the last time they were together. Don't get me wrong, the card was adorable. I just can't get enough of Sylvester and Megan, so I'm always wanting a bit more.

I would have paid to see Toby and Cabe having dinner. Sure, this time they were eating in the car, but just picture them alone together in a sit down restaurant. Imagine the possibilities. What all do they talk about when they are off the clock? Toby seemed to be opening up to Cabe about his relationship with Happy. There are just endless possibilities with these two. What characters do you want to see more of?

The case of the week was fun. It still had all the crazy adventures of a Team Scorpion case, but this time with a twist – almost no technology. We got to go a little old school, and other traits and skills of the characters were allowed to shine. Toby showed off more of his profiling skills. The scene where they are all trying to narrow down where in Havana Zoric was hiding out was great. Did you enjoy seeing the team work without a lot of tech to fall back on? What was your favorite part of the case?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Remember to tune in next week for Scorpion Season 2 Episode 3!

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Cuba Libre Review

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