Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Absolute Power

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Danny Reagan, New York city's super cop, was at it again on Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2, and this time his antics let a serial killer get away.

The “killing field,” as Danny called it, was horrific, as young women were murdered, posed and left to decompose in the woods. I won’t even hold Danny’s comment about how “if the killer was smart, he’d turn himself in” against him, but I do question why that reporter was allowed into the middle of an active crime scene. 

Of course Danny’s off the cuff remark only spurred the killer to step up his game and taunt Danny to find him. The moment Baez relayed the realtor’s name and address to Danny I knew what was about to happen next. Why did Baez even bother telling Danny to wait for her? He never does. 

The moment Danny broke into that house on his own, I was waiting for him to get a hammer to the head. Not only did charging ahead without backup almost get him killed, it let the killer get away to start over again. 

Did anyone else feel a sense of deja vu from last week’s Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 1 when Danny was in hand to hand combat with the mad bomber? We’re only two episodes into this season and already Danny has single handedly tried to take down two bad guys. Last week Danny won the fight, but this time things didn’t work out in his favor…or that of the young women the killer will be targeting in whatever city he ends up next.

At what point does Danny get called out for not following standard protocol? It’s gotten so bad it’s almost comical. Will there ever be any consequences, or is this the upside of being a Reagan?

The one person who looked like they’d had enough was Linda. The expression on her face in the hospital was one of fury. At what point does she get tired of his lone cowboy routine putting his life on the line?

Elsewhere, Frank faced off with both Mayor Poole and the woman who wanted his job. Frank’s answer to Katherine’s threats was telling…

You're threatening to fire me from a job you don't control that you can't know I want.


How much Frank wants to remain Commissioner has been in question since last season. I got the feeling here that if he ended up getting fired, he’d simply shrug his shoulders and move on to whatever comes next. Perhaps that attitude or lack of fear makes doing the right thing a little easier. 

I enjoyed Frank’s calm response to the mayor in this Blue Bloods quote when he tried to force him to hand over the results of the investigation…

Mayor Poole: Who are you trying to protect?
Frank: Nobody in particular, just the standards of this office.

Moments like that are why I love Frank Reagan. 

Jamie and Eddie were saddled with investigating her father being beaten in prison. The entire case was really just a way of finally tying up the loose end of Eddie’s estranged relationship with her father. It was such a side note to the rest of the episode that’s it’s hardly worth mentioning, but I am looking forward to seeing Jamie and Eddie front and center in Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 3

If you want to see more of the Reagan family, you can always watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic. 

Absolute Power Review

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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Mayor Poole: Who are you trying to protect?
Frank: Nobody in particular, just the standards of this office.

Baez: Why don't people get killed in high end spas or nice handbag stores:
Danny: What fun would that be?