Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

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Beckett was still insisting on protecting Castle from her secret investigation with Vikram, while Rick worked as a private investigator with his daughter in tow to solve the murder of a college student on Castle Season 8 Episode 3.

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Tycho from A Possibility For Joy a Castle Fan Forum to debate whether Lanie was right... who wants to take a class with Professor Castle ... and we have out the Alexis Castle Eye Roll Worthy Moment from "PhDead."

Castle Round Table 1-27-15

Was Lanie right? Does Castle’s disappearance last year compare to Kate leaving him now?

Tycho: It's like comparing apples and oranges. Castle didn't have a choice when he was taken, Kate chose to leave.

Jim: Not at all. Castle has no memory of making that choice (assuming he did) and he wasn't roaming around the city as if it was any average day. Beckett is going about her day to day life showing no signs that she's bothered by leaving her husband.

Stacy: It's not the same thing. Castle doesn't know why Beckett needs space, but at least he's not wondering if she's even alive. He has every right to be upset and to want answers, but it's not really the same situation. 

Robin: I actually groaned when Lanie said that. The two events are not comparable. Castle got kidnapped when he left, and came back with no memory of it. Beckett is willfully keeping Castle in the dark. 

Christine: I’ve never been so mad at Lanie. Castle’s wife moved out and it’s as if she’s trying to make him feel bad about wanting answers. Castle’s car was run off the road, he was forcibly kidnapped and held for months. Kate packed a duffle bag and walked out. I’m not seeing the similarity. 

Would you take a class with Professor Castle?

Tycho: Absolutely, how fun would it be to hear from a New York Times best selling author if you wanted to become a writer!

Jim: Only if I get to see him banter with underclassmen, that was hilarious.

Stacy: Definitely, how could that not be entertaining? You know he'd bring in props and all kinds of stuff to make it fun. 

Robin: That's a class I'd have fun at. I loved literature in university, and having it taught by Professor Castle would just be too fantastic.

Christine: Richard Castle in glasses? I’m in!

Choose the "Alexis Castle Eye Roll Worthy Moment" of the week. Some examples: the blonde hair, flirting with the suspect, announcing she knows what BDSM is in front of her father and his friends, her slutty angel costume or buying a 50-year-old case of Scotch on her father’s account.

Tycho: My husband chimed in on this question and said "the 50 yr old scotch!!" He has always wanted to get a 50 year old bottle but it is way too expensive. He also said that to find a whole case of 50 yr old scotch would be very unusual and extremely expensive. I could see one bottle but a case?? Well this is TV... (one bottle of good 50 year old scotch could run at least $6,000)

Jim: Given that the average price of a 50 year old scotch can run about $20,000 a bottle and a case is usually 12 bottles, it would mean that Alexis spent $240,000 on that Scotch. How many P.I. cases would they have to take to get close to breaking even on that purchase? That's not just an eye roll, that's just bad fact checking on some writer's part. Beyond that, I actually liked that Alexis got to do a little undercover work, she turning out to be a good PI. 

Stacy: Definitely agree with Jim on the case of scotch. That is just beyond ridiculous. 

Robin: The sexy angel was overkill. Alexis is all grown up, we get it already. I'm also in agreement with the scotch purchase, and Jim already nailed all the levels at which that was worthy of an eye-roll.

Christine: Agree with Robin that the sexy angel outfit was overkill but If Alexis is all grown up and can take care of herself, how about she learn to make her own money and stop splurging with Daddy’s? It makes her look like a spoiled rich kid…all grown up. 

How long are you willing to watch now that Castle and Beckett are separated?

Tycho: I will keep watching but not live. I will probably watch it another night when there is nothing on I want to see.

Jim: They have one more episode for me. If there is not significant progress of resolving their separation I will be washing my hands of Castle. 

Stacy: This separation doesn't bother me nearly as much as the car crash derailing the wedding. I still love the show and they should be back together by the mid season break. I can wait that long.  

Robin: I don't know, honestly. What bothers me isn't the separation - I'd live with it if it was done right. What bothers me is the ridiculous plot-hole-filled story that was concocted to make it happen, and how they're treating it now that it's happening. Beckett leaving Castle "to protect him" makes no sense; if she had pretended to leave under acrimonious circumstances it might have worked, but it's not like she's pretending to hate him. Then there's the fact that it's being treated so flippantly, that they're making Castle work yet again, and that Beckett continues to call the shots even though she was all kinds of wrong.

Christine: Ugh. I have always looked forward to watching Castle live on Monday nights. Yes, I’ll continue to watch because it’s my job to review it but Castle season 8 is the first time in its history that it has truly felt like a job to tune in. If it weren’t my job, I’d be relegating it to my Tivo and getting to it when I had time. 

Was there anything in “PhDead” that disappointed you?

Tycho: I was looking forward to the return of the fun banter. Didn't really see much of that going on like they promised. Where have all the good writers of the fun gone?

Jim: Mainly, the horrible ideas the writers are coming up with. I mean, REALLY?!? They tried to pull a 21 Jump Street? I rolled my eyes so hard I was looking at the wall behind me. And it has been no secret that I despise Kate and Rick being apart.

Stacy: The episode as a whole really didn't impress me much. I agree the 21 Jump Street thing was pretty dumb as was the 50 Shades reference. Can we let that book/movie die already?

Robin: There was a scene in the precinct, where Castle and Beckett were talking and Beckett smoothed his blazer lapel and stroked his face, and I almost punched my TV. Why does she get to do that? How can she walk out on him "to protect him" with distance, but she can keep him strung on her little finger? She tells him she wants space, but then she does that. It irritates me that Beckett still gets to push and pull while Castle has to live on her terms. 

Christine: I had hoped for some light hearted fun but found this episode dark and disturbing which is becoming a bad trend this season. Also, I agree with everything Robin just said. It’s simply frustrating to watch this play out. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Tycho: I though the boys trying to pass themselves off as college guys was a hoot. Another scene I loved was Castle stepping up as a father/adult and telling the kids to open up the cell NOW! As much as they always play Alexis as the grown up, Castle always comes through as the adult when it is needed with flying colors.

Jim: I didn't really have a favorite scene or quote, The best I could give would be scenes that didn't annoy the crap out of me. Because, there is no way Kate and Rick would have been as casual as they were being when separated. Clearly the writers for this have never experienced the world-changing-effect of having your spouse leave and you not understanding why. 

Stacy: I liked the scene in the cell when Beckett said they'd gotten out of a lot worse situations than this. I also liked Martha lecturing a hungover Castle that he's too old for drinking games. 

Robin: Jim, I feel you man. I'm going to go with Castle taking charge and reading the riot act to the student prison guard. It was refreshing to see him not being derided or treated like some kind of subordinate lesser mind.

Christine: I agree. Castle being the grown up and taking control was the highlight of the episode. I only wish he’d try and do that with Beckett…not that it would help. At this point, I’m not sure what will.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics...How long will you continue to tune in to Castle?

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