Quantico Round Table: Can Simon be Trusted?

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We had a couple new people pop up in Quantico Season 1 Episode 2, and on a show like this with traitors hiding in plain sight, new people means more suspects. 

Below, TV Fanatics Elizabeth Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols share their thoughts on the newbies and their Simon concerns. 

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Turns out, the FBI knows about Nimah and her twin Reyna. Do you have any theories on this experiment that they are the subject of?

Elizabeth: It's possible they're messing with the recruits, to see who (if any of them) will notice that they are twins and not one person. Or they're trying to come up with a new strategy for undercover operations where one twin could be doing the behind-the-scenes work while the other is in the field and vice versa.

Paul: Most likely to see how it would benefit an agent in the field having two of them look alike.

Allison: I’m thinking that Quantico is a test run for future missions. If the twins can fool a room of future agents, then they can take this rouse on the road. They could be embedded somewhere undercover, and while one of them is out with the mark, the other can snoop without raising alarm.

Which storyline do you find more enjoyable: the one spent at Quantico or the one with Alex on the run?

Elizabeth: The story with Alex on the run has more possibilities, but the Quantico story is really fun right now because it has a pressure-cooker kind of feeling. The Quantico storyline is definitely going to get old though.

Paul: Alex on the run. I'm surprised just how enjoyable both time lines are. Usually I'd hate one, but the writers are doing a stellar job of keeping it exciting.

Allison: I agree with Paul. I’m surprised that I don’t absolutely hate one of them. They work well together. At some point, the Quantico storyline is going to have to be retired, and I’m still not sure what will happen once the recruits graduate from Quantico.

Does Caleb make a good analyst or should he start looking outside the FBI for a career?

Elizabeth: Caleb was surprisingly adept as an analyst. It seems that the show is hell-bent on keeping him around, if for the sole purpose of him and Shelby having some sort of relationship. I think in terms of storytelling it's worth keeping him around. If he were a real person I'd tell him to get on with his life and leave the FBI. Caleb's a fictional character though so keep him on as an analyst.

Paul: Caleb is a man of many secrets. I like that he returned, but I don't know how well he will do in this new role. He should look elsewhere.

Allison: I don’t know how I feel about Caleb being an analyst. I loved him in Quantico Season 1 Episode 1, but like Elizabeth said, during this episode it felt like Caleb was only there to create drama and tension with Shelby. I need to see Caleb prove himself, and also dial back the attitude.

What's your impression of the newbies: Elias and Natalie?

Elizabeth: I fell in love with Rick Cosnett on The Flash so I am totally pumped about Elias. He also shares my suspicions about Simon. I hate that they set up Natalie and Alex as romantic and professional rivals. It's so typical to have the two highest achieving women pitted against each other. A side note though, is Natalie really Natalie? Given her scar on her neck I wouldn't be surprised if there's a twist coming down the line where she ends up being an impostor who got plastic surgery to change her appearance.

Paul: Natalie is clearly jealous of Alex and everything she does. She seems like a good character though. Elias seemed so desperate. I don't expect him to last very long.

Allison: I can’t decide about Elias. I mean I love him because he’s Rick Cosnett, and I like that Elias is observant. He picks up on things, which a good analyst should. But he does come off super desperate, like Paul said. Elias needs to tone it down. I feel like I don’t know enough about Natalie. All I know is that she has it out for Alex and is competitive. I was surprised by how she hesitated when pursuing Alex on the rooftop. I expected her to take Alex down without hesitation.

All the trainees are hiding something. Who should we be the most concerned about and why?

Elizabeth: Do not trust Simon. He is not telling the truth. In addition to what Elias brought up about how he got to Gaza, I'm beginning to think Simon is lying about being gay. To what end? I don't know but between his borderline obsession with Nimah/Reyna, him paying a random guy to kiss him prior to going to Quantico, and his frigidly cold response to Elias, it seems less and less likely that he's actually gay. Plus he wears fake glasses. Never trust someone wearing fake glasses (that's my personal rule).

Paul: Something isn't adding up with Simon. It could be anyone at this stage, but I think he's got something to do with it most.

Allison: I’m really afraid that Simon is going to be the guy behind the frame up and other terrible things. I fell in love with him in the pilot, and he is so adorable, so of course he is going break my heart. I can’t tell what to make of Shelby’s phone pal yet.

Tune back in Sunday night for our review of Quantico Season 1 Episode 3 here on TV Fanatic.

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