Reign Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Betrothed

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Once upon a time, Victoria Grayson was known far and wide as the worst, scariest, most devious and deadly mother in television. Catherine de Medici has overthrown the Queen of the Hamptons.

Truth be told, she probably did that way back in Reign Season 1, but just in case it isn't clear, Catherine is totally cool with slaughtering innocent babies for the "greater good" of France.

Thankfully, Mary and Francis were there to stop the massacre of the Navarre family, and Catherine was able to give us one of the best lines to come out of Reign Season 3 Episode 2.

What good IS right or wrong if you're dead? For most people, that's a rhetorical question. For Catherine, nothing matters as long as she stays alive. Not even her sons.

Imprisoned Catherine is always the best Catherine, even though this particular Catherine is delusional to believe that after her exile Mary and Francis wouldn't take every precaution to prevent her from being able to meddle with the affairs of the court. They're all over her scheming, lying, spying ways, thank god.

Otherwise we might have to deal with the return of Conde when he showed up in French court to avenge the murder of his entire family.

Whew. Bullet dodged.

While I'm not entirely sold on Charles' decision to marry his current sister-in-law being genuine, I am somewhat pleased that he was able to see the lengths to which his mother will go. He's a teenage boy, and one who has already had several failed engagements.

The idea of marrying his brother's wife has to freak him out. Mary would be able to go through with it by seeing it as nothing more than a business deal. Charles would not. Not at first.

I just don't trust the kid at all. Part of me believes he would've been okay with murdering the King of Navarre and his family once the shock wore off. What's great about not being able to trust him is that as long as Charles is around (and Francis) we probably won't lose Catherine and she's an excellent villain.

It will be interesting to see which way Charles will go as he grows into the role of king.

Which brings us to Narcisse.

Never have I simultaneously loved and hated a relationship and character as much as Stefan Narcisse. It was plausible, but not likely, that Catherine would've been able to have a rat sneaked into Lola's bathtub, and I never saw the reveal that Narcisse was behind the plot coming. I should've, maybe, but I didn't. And that's because I want to believe that Lola makes him good.

I think she does. I think Lola brings out the good in Narcisse, and I believe their love is genuine. He isn't just trying to woo and court her because it will give him an advantage at court. Lola's demeanor is a good match for his, and I'm hopeful that his proclamation that he would now set out to become a man worthy of Lola's love is pure. I just can't help but like the guy even if he can be just as murderous as Catherine.

Whatever she does, Lola cannot reveal to Narcisse that Francis is dying before Francis actually dies. (Still pretty twisted about that, by the way. Dumb, dumb idea. Stupid.)

If Narcisse finds out that Francis is dying before that moment arrives, Narcisse will become consumed with power. He'll sidle up to Charles, Mary, anyone he thinks might give him some sort of status again. Lola won't be enough anymore.

While Lola and Narcisse's love story is progressing, another one is just beginning. Leith and Claude is sort of interesting. She's a brat, and he's SUCH a nice guy. The thing about Leith is that he sees the good in people, even when doing so is to his own detriment. It's easy to say that he decided to comfort her because he overheard her exchange with Charles, but he was already looking for her blanket before eavesdropping.

He's just...gah. He's so nice. Greer, as much as I love her, was a total idiot.

(But a love triangle between Greer, Leith, and CLAUDE? Sign me up! A princess and a Madame! Leith knows how to pick them!)

The most underutilized character in all of France continues to be Bash. Why must they always send him out into the woods to ride horses alone and speak to no one and find dead bodies? How is that the only thing he's capable of doing on this show? HE WAS ALMOST KING!

Seriously. If the writers don't give him something super important to do soon, I'm going to have to start writing open letters or something.

Across the pond, for the portion of the night about which I care the absolute least, our attentions must turn to Elizabeth and her council. At this point, all her story is serving to do is continue the notion that it's hard out there for a Queen. I could not be less interested in Elizabeth and Dudley and Robert. (Hi, Francis is dying! He gets ALL OF OUR ATTENTION!)

The only intriguing thing to come out of England is Nick, Elizabeth's spy-bassador to France. My hope is that Mary is able to smell a rat when she sees one.

What did you think of "Betrothed"? How do you feel about Mary and Charles' betrothal? Is there anything about England you find intriguing? Let's discuss it all in the comments! Don't forget you can watch Reign online while we wait for Reign Season 3 Episode 3.

Betrothed Review

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Reign Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Mary: Now you see what we had to send for you.
Charles: I should've studied.

Mary: You and I are...we're not just royalty. We're more than an alliance. We're different. We love each other.
Francis: And we always will.