Scream Queens Round Table: Backstreet's Back!

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Backstreet's back, all right! And so are we, with the second installment of our round table discussions on Scream Queens Season 1.

Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 3 (aptly titled "Chainsaws") was indeed pretty chainsaw-happy. We found out that there is more than one killer, that Chanel #3 is herself apparently the daughter of a notorious murderer, and we got a whole lot more info on potential suspects.

It honestly seems like anyone and everyone could be the killer at this point!

Join us in our conversation about "Chainsaws," where we discuss Dean Munsch's possible impending arrest, how obvious Hester's transformation into Chanel #6 was, and who we each considered our MVP. Chime in with your own answers by commenting below!

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This episode ended with someone finally being accused of being the killer & having the cops called on them – and that person was Dean Munsch. React! Is she actually guilty?

Carissa: First off, I see no reason anybody who gets accused at this point would be truly guilty. But the better point is sleeping with that sound machine and an eye mask, bitch was not going to hear all the goings on downstairs, let alone slip out of her Victorian nightgown and gear up with the Red Devil costume to go all vicious killer and then back into it to walk innocently down the stairs, sleep mask on top of head. Nope.

Hank: I'm with Carissa, it's way too early for anyone accused to be the real killer. While it would be a cool twist for the original Scream Queen to be the Red Devil, it just doesn't feel right to me. Besides, I still think it's going to be the baby from the 1995 incident.

Caralynn: It’s funny because I was really feeling Dean Munsch as at least one of the killers (or at least distinctly nefarious) during the premiere. Now she just seems sort of catty and desperate. I was already thinking she was acting too obviously suspicious to be guilty, and her getting the cops called on her was sort of the icing on the cake. No way is she guilty. And too bad, because I would have loved to see her go from Final Girl to crazed serial killer!

Who was the MVP this week? Gigi, with her surprisingly effective self-defense maneuvers against the Red Devil? Grace, with her taser? Or Denise Hemphill, with her surprisingly pretty decent sleuthing skills? Someone else entirely?

Carissa: For me it was a tie. During the initial scene in the bedroom with Denise Hemphill and the pledges, I could not stop laughing. Everything she said was hilarious, and she kept it up throughout the entire hour. LOVE. Chad Radwell followed that up with his bit about Boone going downstairs to go pee after he slit his throat and coming back up to die. Calling out the Red Devil a la the Backstreet Boys? Brilliant.

Hank: I've got to go with Chad, he definitely got the most laughs out of me this week. The Backstreet Boys scene was insane, and I loved it. Glen Powell plays the guy to perfection. I can't imagine how crazy things are going to get when his brothers show up. The scenes with Chanel #2's parents and Grace's dad pimping The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fell flat. Is it me or was that stuff weird?

Caralynn: Hank, I completely agree! Those were the two weakest moments for me. I mentioned in my Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 3 review that the odd, really venomous behavior of #2’s parents just felt strange and out of place. My MVP this week was definitely Denise Hemphill. Everything she did, from trying to reason with Zayday and Grace about #2 being dead, to inviting herself to tag along with them to Bel-Air, to accusing Zayday of being the murderer – it all had me rolling! Niecy Nash is a gem in this role. Love her. Chad was great too, but lost some points for getting knocked out by the Red Devil so easily. He was all ‘roided up, no way should he have gotten taken out that swiftly/lamely.

Favorite/funniest moment in the episode, or favorite line?

Carissa: Every word out of Denise Hemphill's mouth. The bedroom scene was hilarious. She loves her some Arby's, but not the horsey sauce! "Stabbed that girl right in the face, and no she wasn't that cute to begin with, but that is not the point..." LOL  And how she kept saying "Picture's not eve cute" every time she saw dead #2 propped up online. Chad, too was a real winner. "My best friend in the world, who used to compliment me all the time, was murdered, so newsflash, I'm super sad."

Hank: I thought the Red Devil attacking the new mascot Coney was hilarious. Plus, Wham's "I'm Your Man" playing in the background was just priceless. Let's face it, the Cone wasn't meant to stick around and his decapitation cracked me up. That's so wrong, I know LOL

Caralynn: Hands down the “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” ‘roid rage confrontation between the Dollar Scholars and the Red Devils. It was so wonderfully absurd and everything about it was fantastic – the Dollar Scholar who later wound up armless shouting “CHAD RADWELL!!!” as he rushed to Chad’s aid was a particularly magical moment. Favorite stand-alone line of the episode was definitely Denise's "HASHTAG CAHOOTS" when she was accusing Zayday of being the killer by presenting her with evidence in the form of Zayday's tweet at Shonda Rimes. I want that on a T-shirt!!

We didn't see Boone at all this episode, after that twist ending last week. What are your theories for what's up with him? Was he the second Red Devil, turning a chainsaw against his former frat brothers? Or is he up to something else entirely? If you think the latter, why on earth is he letting everyone believe he's dead?

Carissa: One of the Red Devils makes sense, but seems about as easy as pegging anyone as the killer at this point. I'm starting to wonder if some of this isn't a Happy Birthday to Me scenario, where people fake deaths and stuff and then they all get together and hang. Maybe he's there.

Hank: I can't imagine Boone would kills his frat brothers, but I can see why folks might think he's one of the Red Devils. Carissa is right, he's too obvious a choice. I'm not sure how long he's going to be in hiding or why, but I'm really curious to find out.

Caralynn: I really want to know what’s up with Boone! Part of me is thinking he and Chad may be in cahoots, since the Red Devil didn’t kill Chad (or even egregiously harm him) during the Backstreet’s Back confrontation in the streets. If Boone was that Red Devil, it would make sense that he wouldn’t kill his accomplice. But then we get back into the “three or more” Red Devils territory and it just gets confusing. Can the season just end like the movie Clue? Grace can act as the Butler and give a lengthy explanation of how each person pulled it off? Everybody is the Red Devil! Surprise! (Except for Grace, who is too boring.)

What did you think of Hester's makeover into Chanel #6? How do you think the decision to make Hester over is going to affect Chanel in the long run?

Carissa: I saw Hester became the next Chanel on her fake Twitter account this week, so I wasn't shocked. Those things are spoilery! For now, #6 is in too much pain and too giddy with happiness to be a worry to Chanel. If #6 gets some pain meds, Chanel might be the victim of the next spray tan incident. Glass shards in her feathery skirt/dress?

Hank: I thought she looked great, but it was totally predictable and too soon in the series. There's no question that Hester is going to make a play for Chanel's top spot. I mean, she already wants to be her, so taking over is the next logical step. I just love Chanel too much to think they'd kill her off. Hester would not make a suitable replacement.

Caralynn: Hank, I agree, I’d be beyond distraught if we lose Emma Roberts’ Chanel so early on. Hester is enjoyably weird, but not as phenomenally bitchy and amusing as Chanel. I thought the makeover was predictable but decently explained – it didn’t feel super forced that Chanel would come up with that idea when she did. I would love to see the tension slowly rise and it build into a stand-off between Chanel and #6/Hester.

Do you think Chanel #3's attempt at building a relationship with Sam ("Predatory Lez") was genuine? What did you think of her Charles-Manson-is-my-daddy confession?

Carissa: Not sure. I'm not very taken with #3 or Sam at this point, and probably won't be until their lives are in jeopardy. They need to get out there and stare into the face of danger for me to give a damn about their stories.

Hank: I haven't connected with those characters either Carissa. Aside from the fact she's Carrie Fisher's daughter in real life and the earmuffs might be an homage, I don't like #3 much. That said, I'm not sure any of these people are building genuine relationships. Was the Charles Manson thing real? I simply don't know these characters well enough yet to know when they're being serious or just full of it.

Caralynn: Hmm, it didn’t even occur to me that #3 might be lying about Charles Manson being her father. I wasn’t crazy about #3 or Sam at first either, but I did enjoy the beginning of their bonding (alibuddies!) It was easily the most interesting thing about the both of them. I do get a kick out of the way #3 speaks though, and her dead-behind-the-eyes facial expressions.

Caralynn Lippo is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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