Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 17 Review: To the Victor Belong the Spoils

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Farewell hammer girl.

On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 17, there was a lot of jealousy and anger going around, and it was getting utterly frustrating. It seemed liked every single person got either pissed off over something they couldn't control, a secret or a lie – it was enough to make my head spin. On the plus side, there were some sweet moments which overshadowed all the hostility.

Let's not waste anymore time and discuss, "To The Victor Belong The Spoils."

Daphne's Fundraiser - Switched at Birth

Even though I may not be terrible thrilled by the Kennish financial crisis, I was happy to see them finally sit everyone down and discuss what's going on. Kathryn and John get credit for not trying to worry the kids, but they would have suspected something was up considering John is selling his chain of car washes.

I can't say I was surprised by Bay, Toby and Daphne feeling guilty about their parents' money issues, but I have to agree with Toby, it's not like they'd be able to buy an island if they didn't pay for paint supplies and a college education. 

Speaking of finally being honest about things, I wish Regina would have been a little more open with Eric. Regina had the perfect opportunity to spill her guts out and tell Eric she made a stupid mistake and went to see Hope. Would Eric have been angry? Of course he would, but at least he would have known the truth instead of finding out thanks to a stupid receipt. 

Switching gears to Bay, at least she was able to take her mind of her families financial woes when she encountered the student with a hammer girl shirt on with an offensive saying. I don't blame Bay for getting angry over the shirt – it was ridiculous and completely disrespectful to women.

Bay should have also been aware the guy had every right to use the photo considering she never copyrighted hammer girl and it was illegally put up; though her idea to get his mother involved in taking him down was pure genius. It did break my heart when Bay finally said her goodbye to hammer girl.

By saying her goodbye, Bay is also saying goodbye to a piece of her past which will always hold dear memories for her. It was nice of Travis to be there for Bay and help her realize she is a strong person who doesn't give up easily, and she'll come up with another brilliant idea – it's time for Bay to start creating new memories.

Moving on to Daphne, while I understand she wants to be friends with Quinn, and know what's going on with Patty, she should have told Mingo she was still working with him. The kiss between the two of them is still fresh in Mingo's mind and by still talking to Quinn, Mingo is going to continue to question if Daphne is really all in with their relationship. 

Thankfully Mingo's anger didn't last long and him and Daphne quickly made up, but it's only a matter of time before Quinn is back in the picture. Can we just skip past the triangle, put Daphne in a healthy relationship and focus on Daphne's charity work or academic life?

Regarding Toby and Lily, I understand where Lily is coming from about wanting to go live with her parents in London, but both Lily and Toby need to learn from their own mistakes when raising a child. At least Toby tried to come up with an idea to make Lily feel more welcomed and see there is a community out there for them in Kansas City.

Of course his plan quickly backfired thanks to Kathryn giving Lily advice to do what she thinks is best for the baby. What people seem to forget is Lily has a great relationship with her family and being away from them is a struggle. Now she's pregnant with a special needs child, and her family knows exactly how to help her out – why wouldn't she take them up on the offer?

Going back to Toby for a moment, his jealousy was completely unbearable. Lily was into Julian, but she made it clear nothing ever happened between them and she no longer has feelings for him. At least Toby's jealousy went away long enough for him and Lily to have an honest conversation about things – I'm thrilled to see Toby and Lily being on the same page considering they are going to be parents soon.

In the end, Eric confronted Regina about what happened between her and Hope and she immediately asked him for forgiveness. Regina doesn't seem to understand forgiveness is hard to give when it's concerning the safety of a child. Did Regina really think Eric was going to just sweep it under the rug?

Kathryn and John offered to sell their house to give Lily and Toby money to stay in Kansas City, but none of it mattered because they already decided to move to London. I, for one, am not shocked by this turn of events because it seemed like it was heading in the London direction after the talk they had, but the question remains, will they actually go through with it?

Don't feel bad if you missed out. You can watch Switched at Birth online now via TV Fanatic and catch up on the entire season. Just make sure to come back to let us know what you think. 

Next week on Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 18, Daphne gets yet another admirer because she doesn't have enough as it is. Meanwhile, Bay and Garrett's relationship starts to heat up, but will Travis let his feelings get in the way? Find out Monday, October 12 at 8/7c on ABC Family. 

To the Victor Belong the Spoils Review

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