Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Tag, You're Me

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It was a case where nothing was as it seemed: two seemingly-identical dead men, killed in revenge for the death of a frat pledge a decade earlier. But neither of them was the actual murderer. And the guy who killed them, he didn't assault the guy who designed the doppelganger software. That was the original murderer. I think.

Then there was a third lookalike, who refused to have anything to do with things...

The A-storyline in Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 felt sort of muddled and confused, though I imagine that was how Sean Cudlow felt when he was confronted with the second doppelganger. Too bad for Sean, he didn't even kill the right people. So much for revenge.

A Double Murder - Elementary

And while Otto was going to go through with malfeasance (and Tim Wagner surely wasn't exactly innocent himself), neither deserved to be murdered.

Both Bell and Gregson appeared more than happy just to have Sherlock and Joan back off the bench, apparently thinking that some high-level brass just changed their minds about firing them. I wonder if Gregson, who always struck me as a very savvy guy, isn't a little more suspicious but also aware that discretion is the better part of valor.

Overall, I was far more entertained by the B-storyline, which featured Sherlock assisting his father Morland with an issue involving a hotelier played with elegance by Shohreh Aghdashloo. The goal being, from Sherlock's perspective, to get Morland out of New York (and Sherlock's life) ASAP.

I love whenever Sherlock is talking to or about his father. It's pretty much comedy gold. Take this sample from our collection of Elementary quotes:

Morland: Was I expecting you?
Sherlock: Not to my knowledge. But I can't rule you you having foreseen it via the black arts.

That's pretty much how Sherlock refers to his father all the time – a good clue as to the state of their relationship, how Sherlock speaks of Morland as being a reptile, or associated with demonic powers or natural disasters. Jonny Lee Miller and John Noble play off each other so well it's amazing.

Plus, we get treated to some awesome, awesome quotes. Just for that, here's another one:

Close, but wrong cold-blooded reptile. My dinner date is my father. I can understand you confusing him with Clyde; *they* could be doppelgangers.


Despite Sherlock's understandable antipathy for her father, they work extremely well together.

There is great scene to showcase this is when Sherlock and Morland tag-team Aghdashloo's character with their knowledge and skill, totally owning her and demonstrating that they should never be underestimated.

There was also a fine moment when Morland, admitting that he was in town for Sherlock's sake, questioned who could possibly parent Sherlock. This led to the first mention of Sherlock's mother that I can recall, even if it was indirect, along with the implication that she is dead.

Will Sherlock and Morland manage to at least improve their relationship during Morland's residence in New York, or will Sherlock's long-standing disgust with Dear Old Dad and his utterly distant parenting style prevent this? Sherlock, clearly, was none too thrilled to have Morland hanging around.

We, the viewers, on the other hand, can be assured that there will be more hilariously acidic comments directed Morland's way by Sherlock. I, for one, am going to enjoy it.

And can I just say again how much I enjoy John Noble? Morland Holmes may be more Denethor than Walter Bishop, but he's always great to watch. I'm so glad that he's part of Elementary this season. Someone please explain to me why they aren't just throwing Emmy Awards at him?

A few assorted thoughts before I turn this over to you, my fellow fans:

  • Still no mention at all of Mycroft. If Sherlock's relationship with Morland is so utterly dismal, what is Mycroft's like? And what would it have been like with all of them growing up?
  • The word "doppelganger" is a German loan word meaning "double-goer", and it often has sinister connotations, such as the stereotypical "evil twin" concept.
  • Evan Farrow, Otto Neuhaus, and Tim Wagner were all played by Brendan Bradley.
  • Did anyone else think that monkey was absolutely adorable?

So, what did you think of "Tag, You're Me"? Did you manage to follow all the twists and turns in the Case of the Week, or did it leave you feeling dazed and confused? Did you enjoy Sherlock and his father taking on the sneaky hotelier? Let us know in the comments section below!

Elementary Season 4 Episode 4, "All My Exes Live in Essex," is scheduled to air on November 26, 2015, at 10/9c on CBS. Until then, you can watch Elementary online to relive the mystery and witty banter!

Tag, You're Me Review

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Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Morland: Was I expecting you?
Sherlock: Not to my knowledge. But I can't rule you you having foreseen it via the black arts.

Are you cooking, or did we get stampeded by a class of second graders?