Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Will She Say Yes?!?

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The winter finale of Grey's Anatomy still has everyone talking!

On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 8, we got a little closer to learning Owen's connection to Riggs, while Meredith seemed to be lashing out at everyone. Oh, and there was even a proposal!

See what TV Fanatic writers Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlow, Amanda Steinmetz and Ashley Bissette Sumerel had to say about "Things We Lost in the Fire."

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Is Jo right to be upset about Alex's relationship with Meredith? Do you think she'll say yes to Alex's proposal?

Stacy: I can see why she's upset, however, they've been together for years, and it's not like this is anything new. If his relationship with Meredith was such a problem, she probably should have done something about it a long time ago. I do understand Jo wanting to be put first, and I think Alex understands that. I do think she will say yes.

Elizabeth: Jo's problem with Alex, and with her work life, is that she isn't in her own corner. Not really. Particularly with work stuff, she tends to whine about no one liking her instead of sucking it up, putting her head down, and doing the work – regardless of what acknowledgement she does or does not receive. She acts like a child who constantly needs to be reassured about what a special snowflake she is, and it's annoying.

Amanda: I know Jo gets a lot of flack for being annoying, but I get where she's coming from. Alex just stands by whenever Meredith says something mean about her. Even though we all know Alex does care about Jo, he doesn't tend to vocally be in her corner. I'd be upset too if the man I'm with stands by as his friends are mean to me. I hope she does yes, because I want to see both of them happy.

Ashley: I agree that I can understand where's she's coming from. She definitely does have the right to be upset, but I still feel defensive, as an audience member, over the relationship between Alex and Meredith, if that makes sense. I do hope she says yes, because Alex deserves some happiness.

How do you feel about the direction Meredith's character has taken over the past several episodes?

Stacy: I don't like the way she has been treating Amelia. She has been very quick-tempered lately and I'm not liking it.

Elizabeth: I think her grief process is really slow, and even though it's been a year, she's really just hitting the anger stage. Amelia has a tendency to push too far and ignore boundaries, but Meredith has been overly hostile.

Amanda: I'm really not liking Meredith these days. She's extremely rude and mean to Amelia. Meredith has always been a selfish person, but it's unacceptable how she's been treating Amelia and her grief process.

Ashley: Meredith is on my last nerve. She's way out of line, and she's becoming too unlikable. I think Elizabeth is right that this is her stage in the grieving process, but I hope that ends soon. Dark and twisty is fine, but this is something else altogether.

What's your take on the way Meredith is trying to looking out for Owen?

Stacy: I'm fine with her looking out for him at Cristina's request; however, I don't think asking his mother was the right thing to do. If he wanted her to know, he should be the one to tell her.

Elizabeth: I actually thought she worded her inquiry to Mrs. Hunt very carefully so as to not intrude on his privacy. I think her philosophy of observance with no interference is a good idea, I just a don't know how long she'll be able to keep it up.

Amanda: I think it's nice she's trying to look out for him, but I think she needs to allow some distance between Owen and his past relationship with Cristina. She should just be looking out for him because he's her friend.

Ashley: It's nice that she's looking out for him, and that doesn't make sense to me. But, I think this may be taking it just a bit too far.

Amelia takes a drink at the end of this episode. What do you make of that scene, and what are your expectations for her character? Also, did you watch her in Private Practice?

Stacy: I didn't watch her in Private Practice, but she's mentioned her history of addiction before, so this can lead nowhere good. Maybe Richard will step in and help her through it.

Elizabeth: Obviously, things are going to get rough for Amelia going forward. I could see the addiction thing going either way honestly. I watched Private Practice for a few seasons, but stopped around the time Amelia came onto the scene.

Amanda: I did watch Amelia on Private Practice, and I really hope we're not heading back to that because she got to such a dark and depressing place. I always liked Amelia and I don't want her to slide.

Ashley: I'm very nervous about this. I saw her in Private Practice too, and man, that part was so hard to watch. I don't want to see her go through that again, and I hope that Owen can be there for her before things spiral out of control. i say that because I think he's the one who would most be able to help her through it.

More cover songs in this episode: do you love them or hate them, and why?

Stacy: I don't like them this year as much as the 80s ones last year, but some of them have been good. I was definitely singing along to "As Long As You Love Me" this week, but I could have done without "Oops I Did It Again" and "Shake It Off."

Elizabeth: I love them. Stacy's right, not quite as good as last year, and a few have been dubious choices, but I really enjoy the different interpretations of songs we're used to only hearing one way.

Amanda: I'm not feeling them at all! There's something very grating about them. The 80s ones were better.

Ashley: I hate the covers. Like, really, really hate them. I find them to be so distracting, and I think it's unfortunate for a show that was so well-known for it's music that it had a musical episode dedicated to using those songs again. And so many good songs have been used more than once as a way to remind us of past episodes. The covers feel like a cheap substitution.

What did you think of this episode of Grey's Anatomy? Do you think Jo will say yes to Alex, and how do you feel about Meredith's character? Share your answers to our questions in the comments below!

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