Haven Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Close to Home

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Nobody said building a new Barn was going to be easy.

Any Barn building that includes a trip into the freakin' void is going to come with some problems, and on Haven Season 5 Episode 21 there were plenty of to be had.

Finding the controller, which I thought would be the hardest part, turned out to be a cinch. Go figure.

The Void - Haven

Duke is really getting on my nerves. What's with his attitude? Audrey was angry (rightfully so) that he walked out on them when they needed him most. Duke? He was angry that they needed him. What the hell?

Then he was angry they were using Hayley, annoying, bank robbing Hayley, to help them get a piece to build the Barn, which would fix everything that HE UNLEASHED UPON HAVEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. One second, he's a sad sack who admits he left town because of what he did and that he couldn't have done anything to help, and the next he's unwilling to help fix the madness.

It makes zero sense, especially given the history of the character.

What made even less sense is that instead of using his noggin and telling Lisa with the explosion Trouble there was a plan in motion to possibly put an end to her misery so, hey, you really don't need to kill us right now, he was talking aimlessly about nothing while she was seconds away from blowing the house up.


To top it off, Duke had a vision Nathan didn't come out of the void and Haven disintegrated after his absence because Croatoan won. Nathan said, "Then you're just going to have to make sure I come back." What did Duke do while Nathan was in the void? NOTHING.

Why was he in the house moping when he should have been keeping Hayley on track so she didn't become the loser she became in the meantime? He knew she was a loose cannon. Duke had one job and he failed. Nathan is inside the void, where humans have limited time, inside a collapsed cave with his BFF William. Sheesh.

It was good to see William again, and without him, there is no way in the world Nathan would have found the controller, so he was a necessary evil. Unfortunately, the controller was being guarded by a...what the hell was it being guarded by? Half the females wherever Audrey comes from don't look like her, I assume, so that must have been a Barn specific being or hologram. Interesting.

Not-Audrey mucked things up because by asking her question, she kind of tricked Nathan into talking about Mara in the past tense. He was doing so well until then! It was almost hard to remember when there were two gals running around, but the references to the two of them were plentiful on "Close to Home." If not for their argument, Nathan would have made it back.

SPOILER ALERT! Did you catch the preview? Hayley is in trouble. She apparently gets a little too cocky and doesn't make it the entire way through a wrought iron fence. I'm pretty sure Duke said that's how her mom died, so I don't see how she will make it out of that one. Hopefully she'll open a thinnie right there and Nathan will find it. Although I don't see how that will work given he's in a cave.

How can they get her out of the fence if she can't move? Guess we'll find out.

Meanwhile, Croatoan is just wrecking Dave's life. If they make any attempt at all to free Dave from his evil grasp, he kills someone. He seems to come just short of killing Vince, but it seems unlikely Vince would have an easy time killing Dave, even if he's willing to stop Croatoan.

Right now it doesn't feel like the Croatoan and Barn storylines are connected, but they will intersect at some point. They just seem to be running parallel. I assume the Barn would cut Croatoan's hold on Dave.

Well, that's all I have. Haven WILL be on next Thursday, but I will not be reviewing it because, well, Thanksgiving. A girl's gotta stuff her face with turkey and all the trimmings, ya know? I sure hope it's not a super duper episode, but if it is, I'll try to chat about it in the next review. 

Hit the comments and chat about this one and don't forget you can always watch Haven online right here via TV Fanatic!

Close to Home Review

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Haven Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Nathan: Saving the world is just so exhausting.
Audrey: I know, right?

You and I are nothing alike. I care about people.

Audrey [to Duke]