Quantico Round Table: Who Stabbed Miranda?

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 8, Alex made a bold move by turning herself into the FBI after securing Ryan in a helicopter. Alex sure knows how to make an entrance, that's for sure.

Below, TV Fanatics, Liz Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols share their theories on who attacked Miranda, what Simon's friend wants, and what on earth Caleb is up to.

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Did Alex make the right decision by turning herself in or should she have fled the country?

Liz: I think she never would have been able to live with herself knowing that there was another bomb out there. So from an emotional standpoint, yes she did the right thing. In terms of self preservation, she totally screwed up.

Paul: I agree with Liz. She had to do it, and in the process, she's probably sealed her own fate.

Allison: I definitely think she had reached the limit on stuff she could do while on the run. Alex would never flee the country, so her next best option was to turn herself in. Of course, she should have maybe arranged to turn herself into one person instead of strolling in and getting thrown to the floor.

Did you enjoy this Nimah/Simon/Raina love triangle?

Liz: Not at all. Just pick one. I almost like the Clayton-Caleb-Shelby triangle better than this one. I'm more interested in the bomb-maker Simon was talking to on the phone.

Paul: Not really. Love triangles tend to be pretty dull, and this one is no different. Pick one and stick with it!

Allison: I liked that it at least led to us learning more about the differences between Raina and Nimah. Other than that, I didn't care. I did enjoy how Nimah just shut him down.

What happened to Miranda? Was Charlie behind it?

Liz: It looked like she was stabbed. I don't think Charlie did it, it's more likely that whatever group was trying to recruit him had to get Miranda out of the way. It's difficult to be worried though, since we know she survives to free Alex.

Paul: I don't think Charlie did it, no. It'll most likely wind up being something to do with him, but he didn't do it.

Allison: It would be way too obvious if Charlie did it. I think she said his name because she was concerned about him. I think people were there to grab him, maybe the same people that Charlie was mixed up in before he went to prison.

Caleb was in a cult when he was 17. Do you think this reveal has anything to do with whatever he is up to as Mark or is that something else all together?

Liz: Absolutely. It seems like maybe he's trying to bring down the cult from within by joining as Mark. From the brief interaction he had, it seems like the cult might be similar to Scientology. I would love to see a television show tackle that. Regardless, that reveal has certainly made Caleb more interesting.

Paul: I hated that reveal. It was pretty contrived and all of the agents in Quantico are obviously pretty good at sealing their past, but yes.

Allison: Ooo, Liz that would be interesting. I hope Caleb is doing something badass in his off time. It would make me like him a bit more.

Simon has the most interesting friends. What does the person who called Simon want him to do?

Liz: Could be anything at this point. My best guess is that Simon was sent to infiltrate the FBI, but as always with this show, you can never be sure.

Paul: Simon is the biggest schemer on this show, and I'm betting he's actually one of the good guys!

Allison: I think that Simon was involved with that guy and whatever organization the guy is with. Then, Simon decided to try to do good in a more legal way, by joining the FBI. Now because of the news, Simon's friend called him to get Simon back into whatever organization he is a part of.

Join the discussion by leaving your theories in a comment below. Quantico returns on Sunday, November 29. 

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