The Originals Round Table: All's Fair In Love and Compulsion!

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Nothing is ever easy between the Mikaelson brothers. Nothing. Because where's the fun in that, right?

On The Originals Season 3 Episode 5, we watched as Elijah learned that one of the perks of being a vampire is compulsion and then used that power to force Aurora and Klaus apart. You'd think the fact that Klaus killed their mother and hid it would make them even, but no. Of course not.

How did the TV Fanatic Round Table react to their renewed feud? Join Christine Laskodi, Paul Dailly, Miranda Wicker, and Ruthie Heard from The Originals online now to find out!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "The Axeman's Letter?"

Christine: I really liked the scene between Hayley and Davina where Davina said that she was tired of getting goats and says, "Haven't these people ever heard of gift cards!" It was also a great lead in to their moment when Hayley encourages Davina to stop trying to be what she THINKS they wants her to be and to just be herself. I love moments with the two of them.

Paul: I loved the scene with Cami getting arrested. I did not expect that at all and it paves the way for an interesting storyline. Will she continue to mingle with the undead?

Ruthie: Definitely Aurora revealing Elijah's secret to Klaus. Again, I'm enjoying watching the firsts for The Originals. Namely, Elijah's first time using compulsion.

Miranda: Aurora tricking Rebekah into siring her was pretty great. For starters, we got to see Claire Holt. Secondly, we all knew Aurora was playing her, but Rebekah so desperately wants friends and relationships that she couldn't see it.

Tristan and Lucien *might* be working together. To what end?

Christine: Maybe they plan to eliminate their sister by eliminating Rebekah? 

Paul: That's an interesting theory, Christine! I have no idea myself. This show can pull the rug from under you in a matter of seconds so I'm keeping quiet.

Ruthie: That's the only reason I can think of as well. To eliminate Aurora. Lucien I get, but is Tristan willing to betray his sister? It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Miranda: I get Lucien wanting to eliminate Aurora to take her away from Klaus. I think Tristan is actually in love with his sister, so it seems weird that he would want to destroy her. Maybe the sire line war is some sort of sacrifice where whatever beast is coming for them will be appeased by taking ONE of the originals and Tristan and Lucien have just made a business arrangement about Rebekah/Aurora. Self-preservation is a pretty strong motivator.

Scale of 1 to 10, how hot were Klaus and Aurora?

Christine: Aside from like, Hayley, has Klaus ever not been a 10 with a woman? It's awesome that one group of flashbacks has me so invested in their love story. Aurora is crazy, don't get the wrong idea, but now she's a crazy I can get behind. Stupid Elijah and his 1,000 year old butting-in!

Paul: 10. Klaus might actually have a heart after all.

Ruthie: I'm all for romance, and if by hot you mean romantic, then they were definite a 10 for me. Seeing Klaus in love was a nice change. 

Miranda: Oh man, Klaus! Seeing him with Aurora explains why he's never really let anyone else in. It sort of makes me more excited for the slow burn between him and Cami. 

How do you feel about the renewed feud between Klaus and Elijah because of something that happened 1,000 years ago?

Christine: Elijah and Klaus always need something to stand in their way, so this just feels like another means to an end. I'm on Klaus' side on this one though. Bad call, Elijah. You'd think over 1,000 years he would have confessed it. It's not like he never had a chance.

Paul: It's stupid. I thought all this sibling rivalry BS was meant to be over, so I'm not impressed in the slightest.

Ruthie: Elijah revealed that this particular moment was hidden behind his "red door" and only surfaced again when his mother forced him to remember everything. So there are two sides here, it's hard to choose. He found out Klaus had murdered their mother. So although I understand his anger, I too understand Klaus' side in this. I completely agreed when he said that this set him on a course.

Miranda: Elijah TRIED TO WARN HIM! He tried! And Klaus wouldn't listen. We're going to see some compulsion coming up in The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 (maybe 7) that should redeem Elijah a little bit, but Klaus just loves to hold a grudge.

How will Davina get herself out of trouble with the Versailles coven?

Christine: By being herself. Davina is smart and savvy. As long as she surrounds herself with the right people who WANT to be on her side, she'll succeed. She can't let love or boys get in the way. 

Paul: I think her days are numbered. I just don't see where she can logically go. That whole scene with her and Hayley made me hate her even more. She'll go where the power is.

Ruthie: I think she is on her way. Am I wrong, but it sounded like she admitted to being responsible for Van's mother's death, and she appeared to have gotten through to him a little? I'll be honest though, I'm not really loving this storyline. It's a little stale.

Miranda: We have so much going on with the vampire world that I can't invest myself too deeply in the witchy world of New Orleans. I like it best when the witches and vampires are all working together so I'm hoping something happens soon to bring these storylines together. Maybe the beast coming to New Orleans to wipe out the originals doesn't discriminate and takes out witches too. They all need to come together, however begrudgingly. I dunno. Something.

What happens when Klaus finds out Cami's in jail?

Christine: He's not going to be very happy. But, can I just say, let's leave her in jail? Really, what purpose does she serve here, other than to be a distraction from the bigger story? Make her a vamp or do something else. Cami hasn't worked for me on this show in a LONG time. 

Paul: He's going to go batshit crazy until she's released. Expect many more dead bodies in the quarter.

Ruthie: I think Klaus is preoccupied at the moment. And something tells me she really hasn't been arrested. I'm guessing Detective Kinney was compelled by Lucien.

Miranda: Oh, Klaus is going to flip. I'm pretty scared for Logan Echolls​ Detective Kinney!

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Hayley: Not a fan of goats, huh?
Davina: I love goats, but do you know how many of them I've had to sacrifice? Just once I'd like to get a gift card.

No one is going to respect you until you show them who you really are, so if you wear old lady choker scarves, you're going to get old lady goats.

Hayley [to Davina]