Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Killer of Killers

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Finally! Am I the only one who has been waiting for Amanda to see things for how they really are?!

Speaking of how things "really are," did we also learn on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 6 that Ruby wasn't who she said she was all along?

That's something I've been wondering ever since Lucy Lawless first appears on Ash vs Evil Dead, so three quarters into the season, things are starting to pop!

An Ominous Discovery - Ash vs Evil Dead

Ever since Amanda's partner was slaughtered and turned deadite on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 1, she's been absolutely certain everything that has happened could be attributed to Ash.

Now, that's kinda true. Ash was the ass who opened the Necromonicon and read from it AGAIN, raising the deadites and getting the ball rolling. 

But how Amanda ever connected Ash to her original encounter at the empty house resulting in her partners deadite experience is beyond me. And a few of her other experiences, too. She really hasn't seen Ash all that often. But she did hook up with Ruby.

Ruby, who tried to pass herself off as the sister of the owners of the cabin. I'm going out on a limb and saying that any sister of them wouldn't get this line tossed her way:

Ruby! You double crosser! The others will never let you get the book for yourself, and neither will I!


Nor would the skeleton demon thing suck her into the burning flames with him and inexorably disappear. 

So who or what (and where) the hell is Ruby? She's one of "the others," right? So, a demon...or something. 

There's no way we've seen the last of Lucy Lawless. We've barely seen the beginning of her!

It's safe to say that when we do see her again, she'll be different. She'll have no need to put on a fake persona because Amanda has joined in the fight against the deadites and with Team Ash.

Didn't it feel like it's been ages since we saw Ash do his groovy chainsaw/shotgun action to some rockin' classic music? And holy hell night! Did you see how Pablo and Kelly have grown?

Pablo's knee slide across the room kill maneuver was cool, but tame in comparison to Kelly's deli meat slicer/tenderizer combination she had going on with Nancy the waitress.

Yes, it's sick to get my jollies off of blood and gore, but it's not Saw or Hostel; it's fun and silly. They even killed the poor little boy in the bathroom, and I didn't bat an eyelash. Whoops! It's all part and parcel of the Evil Dead.

There was also the side story of Pablo slipping into the conversation – several times – how Kelly seduced him while she was possessed and his hope (although she is being dense) that means she feels the same way while unpossessed. 

Kelly: OK, you just tell me how, exactly, did I try to do all of that to you.
Pablo: You tried to seduce me and get me to smoke weed out of a shotgun.

The more often Kelly says Pablo is sweet and pure, and she could never feel about him like that, the more likely it becomes that in the season one finale she's going to jump his bones. Amiright?

Ash vs Evil Dead remains the fastest 30 minutes on television. You turn it on, and you've suddenly lost 30 minutes of your life. You want to lose 30 more, but you have to wait another week (unless you're reading this while on a binge watch, you lucky bastard).

How are you digging the season so far? Chime in! Who on earth is Ruby? Did you laugh out loud when Ash imagined tuning Amanda's racquet? Do you want them to play a game? Say hello, why don't you?

The Killer of Killers Review

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ash, if I was a deadite, I'd be honored to have you chop my head off.


Ruby! You double crosser! The others will never let you get the book for yourself, and neither will I!