Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Flags of Our Fathers

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Frank wrestled with a case of free speech versus offensive behavior in Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 10 while Danny was saddled with a case he couldn’t win…or could he?

Demonstrations of some sort are held almost every day in New York City. It’s so common that most New Yorkers barely notice them as they walk past, but this one was expected to be different.

Why? Because they planned to burn the American flag in the name of peace.

Burning the Flag - Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 10

The issue brought up a lot of strong feelings both in Frank’s office and at the Reagan dinner table, but it was Frank and Garrett’s quips about the group’s name that made my favorite Blue Bloods quote of the night…

Frank: Battle for Peace is an oxymoron.
Garrett: Emphasis on moron.

In an odd way, everyone at the Reagan dinner was correct. Burning the flag is offensive to many, and people have the right to be angry, but if we limit freedoms because we find them offensive then what will we be left with? 

Frank’s handling of the situation was both clever and downright sneaky. He issued the permits because it was the law. He made sure that the police were doing their job by protecting the protestors, and then, due to security issues, he moved the protest to a different venue which just happened to be the cemetery where the leader’s father was buried. 

Was that the right way to handle the situation? I’m not entirely sure, but no one can say it wasn’t creative. 

Elsewhere, Danny faced a dilemma of his own when a former partner planted evidence to make sure a murderer was convicted of a heinous double homicide.  

No doubt that Danny was put in a tenuous position as he struggled to piece together enough evidence seven years after the crime to keep Marcus Donovan behind bars, but I can’t say I agree with Danny’s final decision.

Whether to submit the eye witness’ testimony was the type of decision that would leave Danny feeling lousy no matter which road he chose, but I think he should have handed Erin that envelope anyway. Danny suspected that Reed had bullied the witness into testifying, but he didn’t doubt that the man had actually witnessed the killings. Did the concern that he was possibly motivated by fear of retaliation from a former cop really negate his testimony, especially since it was fear of retaliation from the murderer that kept him from testifying in the first place?

Finally, we had Jamie and Eddie’s story which was the weakest link in the episode, as they chased down Lilly to try and convince the 13-year-old girl not to throw her life away after a cop had shot and killed her father. 

I wish Jamie and Eddie got meatier storylines; they seem to continually get saddled with the side stories meant to pluck at our heartstrings. 

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Flags of Our Fathers Review

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Blue Bloods Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: Battle for Peace is an oxymoron.
Garrett: Emphasis on moron.

Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.