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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 10, Simon got kicked out of Quantico, and Team Free Alex broke up after the team realized that Alex had been spying on them. Now, Alex is all by herself again. Where does she go from here?

Below, TV Fanatics Liz Estey, Paul Dailly, and Allison Nichols share their views on the Team Free Alex break up and the effectiveness of the FBI. 

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Is Ryan right? Would Natalie and Simon be the best agents in that training class?

Liz: I don't think so. Natalie seems way too emotionally involved to have objectivity. Simon, well, Simon is complicated. I still can't get a clear read on Simon.

Paul: I'm with Liz. Natalie has got to be the most one dimensional character on TV like, ever. Ryan needs a reality check.

Allison: I can't see Natalie being one of the best. As for Simon, he has ideas as to what the world should be, and if those ideas aren't accepted or if they don't become reality, he has a tendency to get angry and go off book. I'm not sure who the best in the class would be, but I don't think it would be either of them.

Simon and Shelby call out Alex for her betrayal. Should Alex have stood up for her team and refused to put them under surveillance?

Liz: I don't think so. I mean, what about her betrayal. She had to spend a lot of time convincing her "friends" that she was innocent. They definitely didn't trust her. I don't think it's fair for them to call her out.

Paul: That whole scene was so convoluted. Would they ever really act like that? No.

Allison: I understand that a lot of the agents risked a lot to help Alex. They definitely deserve to be recognized for all that they did, but like Liz said, some people took forever to see that Alex was innocent, and then others, like Simon, double crossed her before realizing the truth. I think it was smart to put everyone on surveillance, but I also really liked that Shelby and Simon weren't afraid to call out what they felt was an injustice.

All of the NATS seem to have dark secrets that the FBI didn't know about. Should we be worried that the FBI is terrible at doing their job?

Liz: Not really. It seems to be more related to the writers not knowing how to keep the drama going. It's true that this fictional version of the FBI does not inspire confidence.

Paul: I'm with Liz again. The writers are throwing in all of these curve balls because the episode order has been increased. I think if they capped the season at 13 episodes, we'd have a much tighter narrative.

Allison: I definitely agree that this should be a shorter season show. Thirteen would be great because as Liz said, there are curve balls just for the sake of drama. This version of the FBI has me worried for the safety of the nation. If they can't keep their house in order, how can they keep a nation safe?

Where does Alex go from here?

Liz: Alex is seemingly relying on Liam and Miranda entirely at this point. Honestly there's no one she can trust, but she can't do it alone. I still think she should sever ties with Liam though. I do not trust Liam at all.

Paul: She needs to learn to trust herself before the real perpetrators put the whole thing on her in a way that she won't be able to escape.

Allison: She has tried relying on people to help her, but now, she needs to step up and do things herself. She should have used her time with the FBI on her side to really dig into the file and the evidence and bounce ideas off of people. Now, she has to do that herself. I do agree that she should sever ties with Liam. He's shady as all get out.

Any theories on who took Simon?

Liz: His captor looked an awful lot like Elias. I'm just saying, we haven't heard from him in a while so it wouldn't necessarily shock me.

Paul: This has Anne Heche's character written all over it.

Allison: Ooo interesting theory, Liz. I'm not sure who took him. I think it might be his bomber buddy and whatever organization they run/are with.

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