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Alex is screwed.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 10, Alex pled guilty to murder on the hope that she would catch the real bomber before her sentencing 24 days later. Damn, that's a lot of hope to have in your friends.

Alex's reasoning just does not make sense. Yes, the bomber wanted her charged with planting the bomb, but wouldn't they be suspicious when she all of a sudden pled guilty? She went on the run. She made a video plea to the world, but now, now Alex is just all of a sudden owning up to the fact that she is guilty. If I was the bomber, I would be extremely suspicious.

Time Runs Out - Quantico

At that point, it probably would have been better for Alex to turn herself in but still maintain her innocence. This wouldn't raise any red flags with the bomber, and then later when she finds the bomber and tries to exonerate herself, the judge won't question why she pleads guilty to a crime she didn't commit. Do you think Alex has dug herself into a hole she can't get out of?

Another stupid thing Alex did was turn against her friends. Why did Liam, Miranda, and all the agents helping you watch everyone get a pass? Either suspect everyone or let people help you. You can't do both, Alex.

We're back at zero, and I've lost everyone that I trust the most.


With a 24 hour deadline, Alex needed all the help she could get, so betraying her friends wasn't the smart choice. I was about to start clapping when Simon and Shelby called Alex out on this. It's great that everyone is able to recognize Alex's flaws and that they aren't afraid to call her out on them. Alex may have had some golden child moments at Quantico, but those days are long gone.

Back at Quantico, Natalie and Simon were on trial. Is it bad that I didn't care about Natalie's sob story one bit? It wasn't interesting to me, and clearly she doesn't get kicked out of Quantico, so there wasn't any element of suspense there.

The only good thing to come out of it was Ryan's speech to the NATs. As a special agent, he knows what it takes to wear the badge, so his thoughts on whether or not Natalie and Simon should be agents meant something. The NATs still don't know what it takes and what it means to be an agent, and some people, like Nimah, need to get off their high horse. 

Well, we finally know why Simon got kicked out, and it's not because of his choice in friends or his past. Nope, it was because he got in a fight with Ryan forever ago. Yeah, it's not the reason you expected, was it?

Don't get me wrong, the reasoning behind Simon's expulsion made sense, but it was a letdown. We have known Simon got kicked out for awhile now, and with every new secret or shady action Simon did, the theories started coming. To find out it was for something he did at Quantico was surprising, and if we didn't know he got kicked out awhile ago, it would have been more shocking and interesting.

I'm still confused about Shelby's "sister." Caleb found out she had been running a con, but what exactly was his point when he was listing dates? I get that after 9/11 the money went up; so did the "sister" use the tragedy to con more people with dead parents into believing that they had a secret sibling? Was she running the con beforehand but on less people? Another possibility is that Shelby's parents knew about the sister and sent her money, and after their death, she went to Shelby acting like her parents never knew, which made Shelby send more money.

Honestly, I don't know. I am fuzzy on the details, and it's frustrating. Did you understand the details surrounding the con?

On the Simon front, at least we found out what was up with the Grand Central blueprints he asked for.

Simon was planning a political act using two bombs, one under a mosque and one under a temple. The design was intentionally flawed because Simon never wanted the bombs to blow up. This makes sense to me. Simon wants peace, and he wants people to start talking about what really matters.

Simon: Because I never wanted my bombs to go off.
Nimah: What did you want?
Simon: I wanted to save the world.

The theory Simon is running under is that someone stole his plans while he was at Quantico. Okay, we saw something in his backpack when he was in the locker room without a towel. I didn't see him doing much planning, but let's say he did. Should we be looking at people who had access to his backpack or did Simon put this plan on his computer (which would be dumb), and in that case we are looking for someone who hacked into his computer at Quantico? 

Personally, I'm more suspicious of Simon's bomb maker friend. Simon never mentioned if he shared his plan with anyone, but odds are his bomb maker friend knew Simon's train of thought when he asked for the Grand Central blueprints (The whole "train" thing was unintentional, I swear). What do you think? Should we be looking at Simon's bomb maker friend or is he a red herring?

What did you think of the episode? Share your theories in a comment below. The winter finale is coming up! Prepare yourselves.

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