The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 10 Review: The Earworm Reverberation

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All is right with the world! The Sheldon and Amy drama has gone on a little too long, but the payoff when they reunite? It's totally worth it.

On The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 10, Sheldon has a song stuck in his hand that he can't seem to figure out. When it finally comes to him, he has a realization that brings him back to Amy in a beautiful way.

What strikes me most about this episode is its simplicity. The focus is clear, and in fact, I could do without the Howard and Raj nonsense to instead spend more time with Sheldon.

The song that has been stuck in his head is what seems like a random song from the Beach Boys. That is, until Sheldon analyzes its significance.

It's literally the lyrics that bring about his realization. He needs Amy in his life. She makes him a better man.

At first, it doesn't seem Sheldon learned much in the time he and Amy were broken up. I wanted to see him have to work a little harder to earn her back. But actually, I think the most important thing he learned was to be able to more clearly express the way he feels – and for that matter, he's also learned to recognize the way he feels.

That's a big step.

The Big Bang Theory always does a good job in balancing comedy with endearing and important moments. Sheldon's declaration of love to Amy during her date is the perfect example of that. Her date isn't even offended that Sheldon has come back for her, because he's too in awe of the brilliant Sheldon Cooper.

He even helps the situation along, clarifying Sheldon's heartworm metaphor and encouraging the two of them to kiss.

And boy, do they kiss. I don't think we've seen that kind of passion between these two characters... ever. It's romantic, sweet, and super awkward with Amy's date just waiting in the background.

Other Thoughts:

  • Leonard and Penny arguing over who has to take care of Sheldon next is hilarious. More hilarious is the way Penny handles (or tries) getting Sheldon to be quiet.
  • In Sheldon's video to himself, he mentions the importance of his friendship with Leonard. It's a small moment, but it shouldn't be overlooked.
  • Bernadette always says it like it is. I leave you with the following quote:

You're inviting him into your home. It's intimate. It's where your underpants live.


What did you think of this episode of The Big Bang Theory? Are you glad to see Shamy back together again? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Earworm Reverberation Review

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