The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Almost Best Friends

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Both Salvatore brothers are trapped inside the Phoenix Stone, reliving their own personal versions of Hell, a la Groundhog's Day.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, you might be insane, which is how we're likely to find at least one of the brothers once Bonnie and Co. manage to break them out. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 9 may have ended on a cliffhanger, but that doesn't mean everyone loved it. Here's what the TV Fanatic Round Table panel had to say about the winter finale.

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Cold As Ice?"

Carissa: Bonnie and Nora ALMOST becoming friends. I really wish that would have happened. It would have been really cool. Bonnie's fake smile handing a gift to Nora was priceless. We could have used more of those, even fake. They're so friggin' rare.

Paul: I'm with Carissa here. I LOVED Bonnie and Nora's earlier scenes together. Can we get a friendship between these two?

Amanda: Damon's snark was on point as usual. All his commentary about Lily made me chuckle and nod my head in agreement. 

Miranda: Yep, Bonnie and Nora win it for me, too. I really, really wanted to see them become friends because Bonnie could use some magical mentoring. There's much she can learn from a witch who's been around so long, and Nora could stand to learn how to survive in the current century. Poor writers just tore them apart.

Scale of 1 to 10, how shocked were you to see BOTH Salvatores get stabbed?

Carissa: At first I thought Stefan was going to go into it to help Damon through the adventure, so not very surprised. More surprised that he didn't get an option to go, I guess. 

Paul: 1. The show has to try be shocking, right?!

Amanda: Let's go with a 2. The fact that both Salvatores brothers got stabbed was not shocking. It felt like just another plot point. If anything, I'm more shocked they revealed which brother would get out first in the promo for the next episode. 

Miranda: I expected ONE Salvatore brother to get stabbed, but not two. One? Not shocking. Two? Shocking. I'll give it a 6.

What are your thoughts about Stefan and Valerie being together in the future?

Carissa: Meh. Everything is so incestual. They're all interdating all the time. At least he's back where he belongs, I guess.  

Paul: I'm actually OK with it. She's not that bad a character and I like knowing that we aren't losing her any time soon.

Amanda: It's fine, I guess. I have nothing against Valerie, but I wish Stefan and Caroline got more time alone as a couple before ex-girlfriends and vampire pregnancies got in the way. 

Miranda: I'm sort of annoyed that there was this great build up to Staroline and then they're not even staying together, but I'm willing to see where this goes and Stefan ends up with Valerie because that means learning how Alaric and Caroline get together.

How long before Caroline snaps and kills someone?

Carissa: I didn't notice her being all that bad. Just hormonal and annoyed. Maybe I'm the one who is going to snap. I should watch out.

Paul: I think she's going to kill a heretic pretty soon.

Amanda: I think she'll get herself under control. If she happens to kill a heretic in a vampire rage moment, I'm perfectly okay that. 

Miranda: I actually like Caroline best when she's a little rage-y, and having been pregnant before, it's totes understandable if she heart-snatches the person who doesn't get her the marshmallow fluff fast enough.

Grade the winter finale: 

Carissa: 6 It seemed a little anti climactic coming after Lily's death, ya know?

Paul: 4. It was terrible. The only good parts involved Bonnie and Nora and even the writers screwed that up in the end.

Amanda: 3 at best. It was a pretty lackluster mid-season finale compared to past seasons. 

Miranda: I'd give it a solid 7, if only for the double stabbing at the end. I didn't hate it.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 10 airs FRIDAY, January 29, 2016. You can watch The Vampire Diaries online until the series returns to get your Salvatore fix!

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Stefan: How many times do you get a second chance to deliver your mother’s eulogy?
Damon: Good point, brother. How’s this? Lily, you were a terrible mother when you were alive and you were a terrible mother when you were dead. [to Stefan] You’re right. That does feel good.

Valerie: It’s just us. Beau couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye.
Damon: I’m sure he just couldn’t find the right words to say.