The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Mr. Gregory Devry

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Can you imagine if The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 11 actually pulled the ultimate twist and revealed that the Raymond Reddington we’ve been watching aid the FBI this whole time actually was an imposter?

On some level, that could have been pretty cool, especially if it revealed the bigger plan of his, why he pretended to be Red in the first place and the real truth behind the connection between him and Liz.

As long as it was the plan from the beginning of the series and not just dropped in for twists sake, it would have been a pretty mind-blowing long con.

Instead, the charade was created simply for the one episode, but it was still a fascinating concept that really made you mull the possible “what if.”

And it certainly helped bringing on actor Jake Weber to play the actual Red imposter, or Fred (Faux Red), as the real Red liked to call him. He was able to carry himself and his performance in such a way that even the FBI team members started to question his statements.

I was convinced for a pretty good while, but I should have simply remembered that the real Red is always steps ahead and concocts some master plans.

As soon as the Shell Island party members were getting antsy about an informant and their colleagues getting knocked off, I realized that Fred was the perfect way to get Red back in good standing with the bad guys.

It really was a fantastic play, but it made me wonder just what the deal was to even get Fred, or his real name of Gregory, to play along.

Even I was a bit shocked that Red shot him after the reveal. I kept thinking that perhaps he had a bullet-proof vest on or something and would appear later.

That turned out not to be the case, but Red’s friend was dying, and that’s what allowed the situation to work, to let Red kill the imposter and put himself back on the playing field.

So while Red may have managed to work things out, Liz was having a bit of trouble.

I was glad to see that she did have some difficulty in dealing with not being out in the field. Yes, she got to participate, but when everyone ran off on assignment, she was left to try and not get in the way.

At the same time, her personal life has changed from having difficulty getting an apartment to even getting the crap kicked out of her for being a “traitor.”

That whole exonerated thing didn’t make her life easier or turn things back to normal.

But wow, was it me or did Tom really seem to jump the gun with that marriage proposal. I’ve enjoyed Tom far more this season, and I know he and Liz’s relationship has been getting better, but marriage?

It just felt a little too soon, too fast.

Though, he really didn’t seem to mind too much if the alternative meant getting some hot and heavy afternoon delight.

It does make me question Liz and Tom’s future though, especially with that sit-down threat Red gave to Tom about a marriage never happening. He was pretty adamant, but would he go so far as to kill Tom to prevent it?

Tom won’t back down without a fight, and I did like the dig about asking “Daddy,” even though we all know that just seems like an easy fuel to the whole “Red is Liz’s dad” fire.

A big question seems to be Liz choosing Tom or Red, but what if Liz never gets a real option to choose?

“Mr. Gregory Devry” was a great way to transition from The Blacklist Season 3 arc that was being on the run and dealing with the cabal. And while I’m only partially disappointed the imposter thing wasn’t actually true, it was a fascinating concept that kept me invested for the hour.

Plus, with that baby bombshell dropped at the very end? That’s going to really change things up.

What did you think of Red's imposter plan? What if Red actually was an imposter? Sound off below, and catch the episode again when you watch The Blacklist online!

NOTE: The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 12, "The Vehm," airs at Jan. 28 at 9/8c.

Mr. Gregory Devry Review

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