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Did everyone surviveĀ American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 12?

HA! Would this really be American Horror Story is that were actually the case

On the season finale of this FX smash hit, a new era got underway at the Hotel Cortez, one under the management of Iris and Liz. How did they fare as bosses?

Elsewhere, John and Alex struggled to adapt to life outside the hotel.

As you might expect, given their conditions and everything.

How did Season 5 actually go out?

Click on the video above to watch American Horror Story online and to find out for yourself!

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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm dead, but I've never felt more alive.


Sally: You telling us to stop telling guests is like Colonel Sanders telling people to stop eating chicken.
James: I'm not familiar with your military friend.