Younger Season 2 Premiere Review: Easy with the F Word, Sweetie!

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Look out ladies over 40, your kids now think it's more acceptable to transform into a man than it is to date a guy 14 years younger, the latter of which is just GROSS.

So much for all that enlightenment from studying abroad.

That's right, on Younger Season 2 Episode 1 and Younger Season 2 Episode 2, we finally got to meet Liza's daughter, Caitlin, and the news Liza was dating a younger man didn't go over well at all. It was surprising, yet not surprising.

The premiere hour, as a whole, was wonderfully done (of course), and not only was it exceptionally funny and heartfelt, but it threw out there more for us to chew on than ever about what it means to grow older in a society that is still smitten with youth.

With Caitlin being so worldly and seeming so grown up on all of her phone calls with Liza, I expected her to be different. 

She's still just a little girl who wants her parents together, which isn't anything to hold against her. It's just unexpected. 

Wow. If she was OK with the sex change, maybe this won't be such a big deal.


It really says a lot about our society that Caitlin would be perfectly fine to find out her mother might be transgendered, but thinks dating the hot guy is the grossest thing she's ever heard.


I can imagine lashing out because you're unhappy your mom is with someone other than your dad and all that, but GROSSEST. THING. EVER?!


It will be interesting to see how they build their relationship again now that things have gotten so weird that Caitlin even decided to move in with her dad. Now THAT dude is weird.

While this was going on, Liza wasn't even sure she had a relationship with Josh. She was in unfamiliar waters as an actual 40-year-old woman dating a 26-year-old man. Then all those little things got in the way to help on the insecurities.

Like when Josh texted "Can't make it work" and since the context of texting is so rotten, Liza decided that in the larger sense, it was over. Oh raise your hand if you have not done that more times than you can count, whether by texting, phone or even an offhand in person remark? {{{wince}}}

Let this be a reminder to us all about the IMPORTANCE OF PUNCTUATION!! (And, no, that's not an invitation to go through this post with a fine-tooth comb...HA)

Then all the rigmarole with whiskey dick, which was just downright funny, mostly because it showed how inexperienced Liza was before she was married, which is so amazingly sweet.

But the thing was, Josh was really OK with Liza being 40. He wasn't OK with the fact she lied in the first place. Alright, if she had told him up front, it's possible he wouldn't have stuck around to get to know her (see dorky guy who hit on Liza as evidence), but now? He's kind of diggin' it.

They make one hell of a trivia team, and that means free booze.

Josh: She's 40!
Liza: Hey! Easy with the F word, sweetie.

He was not only willing to scream it out in the middle of a crowded bar as evidence as to why she's so awesome, proving he has no qualms whatsoever about her age, he wanted her to come clean with everyone, including the people at Empirical. 

After all, if he can date someone her age, get past it and like it, why can't they get over the little white lie, as well?

Kelsey's story was fabulous. I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried when Liza chatted with Charles that he might take what she said the wrong way, but I should have had more faith in him. All of these characters are so multifaceted and well-written they never fall down the rabbit hole of well-worn TV tropes. It's so refreshing.

It was also no surprise someone would be trying to poach Kelsey. She is always in tune with the next big thing, and Empirical made a mistake not taking her lead on 100 Things Women Think About When Giving Blow Jobs. It was sold in a matter of days.

Getting her own imprint is something far more valuable than money. It's an honor that almost makes me cry. It's very meaningful. Charles did right by Kelsey.

Millennials - Younger

It's also the thing that will keep Liza from telling the truth about her age.

The very thing that Younger has shown by Liza masquerading as 26 when she is, in fact, 40 is that age really is just a number. Sure, there are things that separate the two groups, such as length of experience, children and marriages, for instance, but when it comes to personality, drive and just being a human, there is no difference.

But an imprint for millennials by millennials keeps Liza out if she tells the truth. 

Not only does she still want to get ahead in the publishing world, Liza genuinely wants to continue on the journey she has started with Kelsey, to see her succeed. For them to succeed together. Maybe she'll surprise me, and tell Kelsey, trusting her as Josh suggests. 

It's a sticky situation, which will remain as such if Liza has to tell Josh she's still in the closet and Caitlin discovers the extent of her deception, etc. 

Will anyone ever discover, courtesy of the role Liza is playing on behalf of 40-somethings everywhere, that we shouldn't let age get in the way of beautiful friendships, successful business ventures and lasting relationships? Look what positive role models have done for the transgender community. Hey, aging is just as natural.

Anything can happen. That's what's so brilliant about Younger and why it's been so much fun so far. I can't wait to see what's next!

Other essential bits:

  • Everything about Diana and her veneer pained me. It was funny but painful at the same time. She's such a sweetheart under her own tough veneer. She's like that tooth. And shame on Bobby Flay! If he knew exactly what happened, he should stop serving peppercorn shrimp!
  • Isn't it awesome that Liza and Kelsey both have such "free" friends in Maggie and Lauren?
  • Josh's story about Liza being allergic to his cat who later died due to ingesting bleach was hilarious. And all his friends called him on it, too. 
  • Goodnight Moon for blow jobs! OMG.
  • How will Diana handle losing Liza already? Awww.

Alright guys. You're up. I hope you like that we've covering Younger this season and will chat about it with me in the comments. It's too good to sit here unattended!!

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Younger Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Josh: She's 40!
Liza: Hey! Easy with the F word, sweetie.

Liza: Can you believe it? We finally get a night together.
Josh: And they're really good about checking IDs, so we don't need to worry about your daughter showing up.