Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Rule #519: Happily Ever After is an Oxymoron

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Is there anything worse than watching a season finale of a favorite show when it hasn't been renewed yet?

That's the situation with Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 13, which is tragic, because it was another great hour of the series, and even though Abby's (ex) agent tried to persuade her to write about something other than divorce, it sure seems like her divorce is about to take on a new dimension.

We all want to be there to see what's next, right? 

Dance Your Cares Away - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

The entirety of the finale took place during Delia's reception. Or maybe it was really Phoebe's reception. Who saw that coming??

It was surprising the wedding attendees got all the way to dancing and cake before they discovered what was really going on. If I was there on behalf of Gordon and he wasn't even around, I think I would have asked a few questions by that time. Especially Gordon's mom.

But, if that had happened, we would have been denied the Frumpkis debacle and Scott's attempt to quell it, as well as Scott's second speech to Jo. He tried so hard to make it a good one, but by that point, what could go wrong had gone wrong and sunny endings weren't necessarily in the cards.

She has her kid, though, who saw the look of love on Scott's face. I was kind of irked Scott gave up on Jo so fast, but it was a crowded place. They're happening in the future. They're destined. Even Zooey knows it.

Really, only newlywed Phoebe was riding high throughout this one. I thought JD was being naively beautiful when he told her they would grow old together and die of liver damage in each other's arms, but that was before their big news.

Barbara, it turns out, had fallen for Abby's shtick. She's changed to the point she can't imagine being at SheShe without Abby, nor Abby not writing about divorce because Barbara is lighter and finding a new way with Abby's bizarre guidance.

Delia went through the ringer. She was sad, angry and upset, but ultimately realized by the end of the night that despite the fact she is deeply in love with Gordon, that she's never wanted to be married. 

We all wondered if she was deliberately sabotaging things, and there was even a time when I considered she loved Gordon but didn't want the marriage. Things got so out of hand, however, that I stopped believing she loved him and thought she wanted neither Gordon nor the marriage.

I was wrong. That makes me sad. I feel so close to these ladies that it seems like I betrayed Delia's friendship missing the signs. I'm sorry Delia! It seemed like you wanted to be alone and strong, just unmarried and still in love with Gordon! Forgive me.

Hopefully, Delia will find a man who is willing to let her be a woman the woman she is. One who can NOT want a wedding. Gordon tricking her into thinking she wanted a wedding, when he was really only doing it because he thought all women wanted them sure spun their relationship out of control. For shame, Gordon.

He ruined the best thing he could have ever had.

And finally, we arrive at Abby. She was the brunt of everything that had gone wrong. To think that when she was in a heap on the floor, she hadn't even reached the end yet!

Well, we knew Carl would turn out to be a snake in the grass as soon as she had sex with him, because Abby has that luck. He took everything that happened and made it ugly. She picked the wrong guy to confide in. Harris wasn't all that special either.

When Abby had the hot flash, I started laughing out loud, figuring at that moment, she would probably rather have had a heart attack than suffered her first hot flash right in the middle of that disastrous wedding reception. 

But, Jake was there.

Abby: And I forgot to tell you the worst part.
Jake: What?
Abby: I had my first hot flash. Today.
Jake: Oh honey. Why does God hate you?

And as odd as it was that Jake got persnickety with her so shortly after telling her he would give her the time to grieve for their past as he had done in Latvia, I forgave him. Abby needs people to get annoyed at her behavior, to call her out on it. Like Jo.

Jake and Jo are a lot alike, and they're the only two people who don't let Abby get away with whining and acting put upon. They make her stand up and shake it off. 

Abby deserves an award for dealing with Kat as long as she did. The woman was a monster. Abby has a lot to overcome now, but she has her old friends and hopefully a new ally in Barbara so she'll keep writing at SheShe.

And maybe she's looking at a new chapter of her life. 

Will Abby and Jake be joining forces to care for Taye Diggs' baby? And more importantly, what does Mr. Diggs' have to say about this? Seriously, I just love that he's being such a good sport with his old friend. I hope he weighs in soon (if he has, I missed it!).

Becca talking about duct taping the baby or drop kicking it to quiet it were more than red flags. Jake and Abby are such good people they would drop everything to care for a baby, even in circumstances less extreme. 

Would the baby be a storyline you'd want to see? Where would you want to see GG2D Season 3 pick up? Would you have changed anything if given the chance? 

Drop me a line and remember, you can watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online to catch up on all the drama!

Rule #519: Happily Ever After is an Oxymoron Review

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