Ray Donovan Season 4: Lisa Bonet Joins for Season-Long Arc

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Dangerously unstable with a damaging secret.

Is that any way to greet a guest?! 

It is if you're Lisa Bonet, as that's exactly how her upcoming character on Ray Donovan Season 4, Marisol, is described in a press announcement from Showtime.

Although to be fair, does Ray know any other kind of woman?

Lisa Bonet

Best known for her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show and its spinoff, A Different World, more recently Bonet has been seen on The Red Road, New Girl and has an upcoming arc on Girls.

Bonet will be joining others new to the cast for Season 4 including Gabriel Mann, who we've already shared will be playing an aggressive attorney with high profile clients named Jacob Waller. 

Whether these two will be connected in any way is unknown.

Additional guest stars include Embeth Davidtz (Mad Men) in a season-long arc as Sonia Kovitsky, a businesswoman whose wealth and contacts make her a power player in the art world.

Ted Levine (Monk) will appear in a recurring role as Little Bill Primm, the proud owner of a family-run casino in Primm, Nevada.

Ismael Cruz Cordova (The Good Wife) stars in a season long arc as Hector, a middleweight boxing champion who forms a bond with Ray.

Chris Coppola (The Polar Express) comes in for a recurring role as Larry, head of security at Little Bill Primm’s casino, and and Billy Lush (The Chicago Code) guest stars as Vincent, a police officer who falls upon a major scandal.

Once again, it seems Ray Donovan is shaping up to be an exciting season all around! 

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