Suits Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Self Defense

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That was an intense ride!

On Suits Season 5 Episode 14, there were a lot of twists in the tale, and the trial began. 

The promos already teased that, so I was sure we would get the verdict in the same episode, but it looks like we need to wait another while for the verdict.

Gibbs is going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that someone goes down, but I don't think she would have ever guessed just how resourceful everyone is that she's trying to take down. 

Gibbs is resourceful herself. She knows where everyone is at any given time and even what they're doing. She's pretty much like Big Brother. That's a good trait, but it's one that's going to get her in a lot of trouble down the line. 

Jessica going to her office was one of the greatest scenes of the entire series. One thing you can't take away from Jessica is that she's very loyal to her friends. She will make sure that they aren't the ones getting sent down. 

It will be difficult now that it appears Louis is cracking under the pressure. A better solution for him would be to make Jessica aware of what Gibbs did and bring it up in court. I get that he's scared, but Gibbs is using as many scare tactics as she can on everyone. 

We really do need to have a chat about Mike. Everyone put their head on the firing line for him over this lie, and he should be thankful that he got the opportunity to practice law in the first place. He's good at his job, but he didn't have the appropriate credentials to apply. 

He doesn't seem remotely thankful for anyone helping him. He's desperate. Anyone would be in that situation, but the chances of him getting away with fraud are slim to none. The only way I see this playing out now is if someone else goes down instead of him. 

That said, I don't agree with Trevor's decision to be a witness for Gibbs. That dude has no loyalty, and it was high time that he was verbally torn down in the courtroom. Now it would be great if he got sent away and we never saw him again. 

Mike's whole reasoning for defending himself was ludicrous. He's acting like a stubborn baby and needs to learn to take on board what other people think, or he's going away for a long stretch. Props to Rachel for simplifying it for him, but I don't see how Harvey telling him to represent himself now will do the trick. 

Mike's actions led to Donna being called to the stand, and I'm not surprised she broke down. Being up on that stand must be a grueling thing for anyone to go through. Her bitchy response to Gibbs should have earned her a standing ovation. I chuckled, but it was obvious what was coming. 

Going forward, Mike needs to listen to his friends and family. All they want to do is help him, but he seems to have his own agenda right now. It's kind of ruining his character. He's been mostly annoying the past few weeks, so hopefully he realizes the error of his ways quickly.

"Self Defense" was another solid installment of this USA drama. It's nice to know that we've got a sixth season on the way, but I'm nervous about what changes may be in store for us. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • It was good that Jimmy decided to help Mike, but I don't agree with the way Mike set this in motion. 
  • It was amazing and mature that Rachel was still very welcoming to Donna given the circumstances. 
  • Rachel needed to learn how the judge would make Mike feel. So even though what Harvey said about her was terrible, she needed that nudge to know what had to be done.

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Self Defense Review

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