Supergirl Round Table: Seeing Double

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Lord continues to make things difficult for Kara and the DEO on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 12, and now that he knows her real identity he's an even bigger threat. 

Below, TV Fanatics Kathleen Wiedel, Paul Dailly, and Jim Garner discuss Lord's next move, their thoughts on Bizarro, and that mysterious parasite. 

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What did you think of Bizarro Supergirl?

Kathleen: Poor girl. As Kara pointed out, she really was a victim in all of this. It's quite likely we'll never know who she really was before Lord got his hands on her and turned her into his weapon. Too bad for him, he really did recreate Supergirl, if an imperfect reflection. I did like what the makeup department did with her "monstrous" form. I hope we return to her eventually.

Paul: I feel like the Bizarro versions of superheroes have been done to death and it would have been better to just ditch this storyline. Upon watching the full episode, it was clear they tried to tweak it a little and I did feel very bad for her.

Jim: While I agree with Paul that Bizarro versions of superheroes have been used a lot, I did love the evolution of Bizzaro Supergirl in this episode. I didn't see when she did it, but at some point she turned the "S" around and her colors got darker. Was all very loyal to the comics!

Now that Lord is a prisoner inside the DEO, what's his next move?

Kathleen: Take advantage of the situation to learn as much as he can and exploit a way out. I suspect that parasite creature from the end of the episode will play into this somehow.

Paul: I expect him to be out within a week or two. He's a very resourceful guy and I just don't see him hanging around there for long.

Jim: I'm guessing this is the beginning of his super-villain story. However he escapes (or gets set free) it's going to influence him moving forward into being being Supergirl's arch-enemy.

Will James confess his feelings to Kara this season?

Kathleen: Good heavens, Kara has an abundance of guys in her life. It's actually sort of ridiculous. Winn loves her but she sees him as a friend. James loves her, but he's with Lucy. Adam might love her (he certainly *liked* her), but she has serious commitment issues. Even Lord has a really bizarre obsession/fixation with Kara!

And then there's Hank/J'onn, who at least thinks of her as a daughter (though his offhanded comment about her "surprisingly comfortable" skirt had me in stitches). All this relationship drama is making me really dizzy.

Paul: I could care less. I feel like Kara has no chemistry with any of the guys in her life. It would feel a little forced to have them pursue a relationship when they wouldn't be a believable couple. Kara needs to focus on harnessing her abilities and if love comes along, take it. Kara isn't the type of girl who would let Jimmy ditch Lucy for her.

Jim: I agree with Kathleen and Paul, seems like every guy she's met has some sort of fascination with her and she need to figure out who she is before she tries to start dating. If this gets much more angsty we will be able to call the show "National City 90210" yeesh!

Is Alex letting her emotions impair her judgment?

Kathleen: Oh, yes. It's understandable, sure, but how smart is it to bring your arch-nemesis right through the front door of your secret headquarters? And don't you think it would have been smarter to tell Hank Henshaw right off the bat that Supergirl's identity was almost certainly compromised by Lord? I just don't see the advantage to keeping that vital information from him!

Finally, why doesn't she seem to remember that J'onn Jonzz is perfectly capable of mind-wiping Lord? He did it on the fly to that guard in Supergirl Season 1 Episode 10. Of course, now that Lord is in the custody of the DEO, it would be a lot harder to explain how their prisoner suddenly came to lose all of his memories... Nice job, Alex.

Paul: She is and it could have led to a lot of death, but she's lucky on this occasion that it all panned out. She shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Lord. I have a feeling he could trick her into letting him out.

Jim: Kathleen clearly should be leading the DEO, I hadn't even thought about Hank wiping his mind. I think Alex is leading with her emotions, but not sure about actually "impairing her judgment," otherwise she might have just killed him.

Who (or what) do you think is behind the parasite that attacked Kara at the end?

Kathleen: I have a hard time thinking that an alien parasite just happened to attack our resident Kryptonian superhero in her apartment, and the list of people who know her public identity as Kara Danvers is very short. I'm going to predict that this attack was part of a Lord contingency plan in case the DEO attempted to disappear him.

Paul: This came out of nowhere and made little sense. Hopefully they will shed a lot of light on it next week.

Jim: As Paul said, seems a bit out of left field, but I'm betting on Non doing it as a way to get Astra freed. He will trade how to get it off for letting Astra out.

Don't forget to tune into Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13, "For the Girl Who Has Everything" on Monday, Feb. 8!

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Alex: I sent a team to scan the area. No signs of extra-terrestrial activity so we can probably rule out an alien shape-shifter, unless there's something you're not telling us.
Hank: The skirt was surprisingly comfortable, but no.

She's as strong as me, she flies like me, she fights like me. Except for the fact that she talks like Cookie Monster, she's exactly like me.