The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Postcards from the Edge

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Damon Salvatore, king of downward spirals of self-loathing, master of the art of feeling everything and nothing, continued his trend on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12. This time, just like almost all the times, I sort of feel bad for the guy.

He's legitimately going crazy right now and thinks he's killed the love of his life in a fit of insanity. 

That's sort of enough to put anyone into Existential Crisis mode, but especially Damon.

Brother and Brother - The Vampire Diaries

Any time an episode of The Vampire Diaries begins with Damon laying in the middle of a dark, poorly traveled road, there's a solid chance I'm going to like it. 

I didn't love this episode because too many heretics, but I definitely liked it, if for no other reason than Julian is dead, Enzo is back, Stefan had a kind of emotional breakdown, and Damon is headed into that dangerous place where he feels nothing but still has his humanity and really, really wants to feel anything so he does dangerous/stupid/crazy things like sleep with women who sort of maybe look like his sort of maybe dead girlfriend.

He's fun when he's kind of wild.

Plus Caroline is apparently birthing tiny Omen-babies who are trying to kill her from the inside out. Too bad they aren't smart enough to know that if they kill their host they'll also die, but hey. They're babies. What do they really know?

New theory for how Caroline and Alaric end up together: She goes with him and the girls so that they will have someone/thing to siphon magic from so they can learn to control their powers without accidentally killing anyone.

That sort of sounds like the exact kind of thing Caroline would do, and since there's no real way to keep a siphon from stealing magic without sending him or her to a prison world, this is maybe as good as it'll get for them.

Anyway. Eventually we'll get to the point of unraveling that mystery. For now we'll just celebrate the fact that the only heretic worth keeping around right now (Valerie) helped Stefan kill Julian. FINALLY.

Julian's time was up about five episodes ago, so the fact that he is dead and gone brings me immense joy. If Mary Louise and Nora will take off to the ends of the Earth to run from Rayna Cruz, we'll all be super happy. 

Separately, I can handle either of those characters, Nora moreso than Mary Louise. Put them together and it's a giant snoozefest of a storyline. There's nothing remotely functional about their relationship except the history they share with one another, and history isn't enough to keep people together.

But yes! Julian is dead! Stefan did it! Hooray! Some retribution! It won't really make him feel any better to have killed Julian, but at least it gets the jerk out of Mystic Falls.

Now we just need Matt Donovan and Deputy Penny to load up some wooden bullets and take out some vampires. Climb trees. Be snipers. Kill the vampires and take back your town, guys! You can do it, Matty Blue Eyes! We believe in you!

I would like to guess that Rayna comes to town with her magical huntress powers and helps him take back his town and that's how he ends up working with her, but we also know that in the process of doing her bidding, he loses everything, so maybe that's not quite right. 

His involvement in the huntress' story is shaping up to be quite interesting. The same goes for Enzo, and especially for Enzo and Bonnie as we figure out how they eventually get together.

Enzo followed the heretics to find Rayna and, after killing her, turned her to ashes so she could be reborn. That explains how she's been alive for so long and sort of makes me wonder if Matt knew the men he turned Enzo over to were working with her. And why would Enzo want the huntress?

She hunts vampires. Does he get to control her and save himself now that he's the one who brought her back to life? That would be an interesting twist. Super interesting. 

Gah. There's so much we don't know and so much I very, very desperately want to know. 

Stefan's emotional moment after learning that Damon (believes he) killed Elena was pretty spectacular if only because it was impossible to tell if he was thinking "I've totally lost my brother" or "Damn you. I loved her too."

There was a moment of anguish in Stefan's face upon hearing that news which was impossible to read, and then he went and punched his brother in the face a few times. 

What was that reaction about? I definitely want to hear from you guys on that one.

In fact, I want to hear from y'all on all of it.

What's working for you during The Vampire Diaries Season 7? What isn't? What happens now that the huntress has been reborn? How in the world do Bonnie and Enzo end up together? Sound off in the comments below and remember you can watch The Vampire Diaries online right here at TV Fanatic while we wait for The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13 to air.

Postcards from the Edge Review

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