The X-Files Season 10 Episode 4 Review: Home Again

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It appears we've been given an indication of what to expect from the finale, when Scully's struggles over the years are visited in more depth.

Both the monster of the week and Scully's mother's death on The X-Files Season 10 Episode 4 had her digging deep into her own feelings about motherhood a life without her son with Mulder, William.

It was finally time for Gillian Anderson to have some material of her own to explore, as up to now she's mostly been playing the supporting side of the X-Files partnership.

Feeling Emotional - The X-Files

I'll be honest, the monster of the week, the Trashman, freaked me out. Anytime there are dirty Band-Aids thrown into the mix, I'm out. As soon as I saw that on Mulder's shoe, I started to gag. There is just something about them, even if they don't have either living or dead tissue apparent on them, that skeeves me out.

So, it was a rough hour with the monster. But the idea was over-arching in that the people involved in cleaning up West Philadelphia were treating their homeless like nothing more than trash.

If they got the homeless out of sight, they figured that was good enough.

Little did they know an artist put his heart and soul into his work, enough so that he quite literally gave birth to his ideas, one of which was the Trashman, a Golem of sorts. 

Apparently one tiny idea the artist had also filtered through, violence toward those who treated the homeless like trash. Even though he would never bring it to fruition, an evil idea is still born. In turn, the Trashman thought he was born to carry out that one idea. 

I loved how Scully, usually so skeptical, was for once totally on board with the Trashman coming to life, because she could place herself and William into the story.

She felt that if someone else looked upon her own tale, they might judge and believe William was a responsibility from which she walked away, like he was nothing more than trash, and she needs to believe that they didn't treat him like trash by choosing to put him up for adoption, that they made the right choice in letting him go.

It was a really tough storyline, made even more so by her mother's illness. Because of it, Scully discovered she didn't know everything about her mother, who had changed her advanced directive without telling her and who, when she had only precious moments to speak, only asked after her estranged son, Charlie.

Asking about Charlie and speaking of her grandson, William, indicates a need to know they're at peace before she can leave. She'd have no reason to worry such about Scully and her brother, William, because she's been in touch with them, secure they're doing well. 

While it was tough for Scully to go through, I also enjoyed learning she had every intention of staying by Mulder's side while he learned the answers to all of his biggest mysteries, even though she didn't have faith she'd ever learn the answers to her own.

Her biggest mysteries in this world are knowing whether William thought of her as she does him, whether he's OK and knowing nobody thinks they treated him like trash.

But maybe she will get answers. I'm still not believing this will be the end of The X-Files, even if the ratings haven't held up to the premiere (how could they have?). 

Mulder: What? I wasn't going to shoot the kid. And I don't do stairs anymore.
Scully: Mulder, back in the day, I used to do stairs and in three-inch heels.
Mulder: Back in the day. Scully, back in the day is now.

I can dig that. These are the good old days, right?

This hour was also a lot of fun, even with all the dark material. Mulder was still cracking wise, dissing the 76ers, making jokes about the Trashman using the wrong recycling bin for the head (he later used the trash compactor for another, well done) and all that good stuff.

There are still a lot of complaints about the revival and how it has too many stand alone episodes rather than those that fit into the mythology, but surely the overwhelming majority are enjoying the return and having the duo back, even if they are a little older and wiser.

Which reminds me! Those flashbacks! Gosh. You don't really see a difference to the actors when they're just carrying on in front of you until they do a flashback. Those baby faces!! 

While everyone was expecting "Home Again" to reference a lot of The X-Files Season 4 Episode 2, "Home," instead it was related to The X-Files Season 2 Episode 8, "One Breath," which found Scully in a coma just after her kidnapping.

I thought it all worked out well, and I can do quite well not revisiting the Peacocks. How about you? Are you disappointed they didn't make a return visit?

Question regarding the Trashman Golem. Do you think making the happy face stopped him, or did the artwork on the street above the artist mean all was not well for him going forward? 

Be sure to watch The X-Files online if you've missed anything. Only two episodes left. Hit me with your comments!

Home Again Review

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