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All things considered, the finale was a bit of a letdown when it came to character development and answers, but it set things up pretty well for next season.

After the events of Colony Season 1 Episode 10, I have even less confidence in the Resistance and more worry for what lies ahead for the LA block without Snyder at the helm.

There is little doubt things are going to change. The question is: how much?

Searching for Clues - Colony Season 1 Episode 10

I'm less interested in what the finale revealed than what it sets up for next season. Maybe that's because very little was revealed.

We got to see the Host, but he was dead. We did learn a dribble of information on the outside word from Helena. 

During the Arrival, two of our Hosts were killed in Dallas. That city is now a flat sheet of glass.


With Beau's departure came an opportunity for Will and Jennifer to work more closely, and that's exactly what happened. She didn't want to be on the outside, but she was probably a little shocked with what being on the inside meant. 

Maddie got the youngest kids to the Green Zone as Will hoped, but Lindsey was a part of that package, something he could have never expected. 

Once again, I was impressed with Snyder. Even more so after we were shown how things are in Santa Monica. It's just wild. They aren't holding Charlie anywhere. He's just fending for himself, living on the streets. At least he can play on the Santa Monica pier! Ahem.

As the Resistance (five people) brought the entire block to a standstill, drones started blasting the place to bits. 

Snyder: They're destroying our city. Again. What's the point of killing people who had nothing to do with this?
Helena: Retribution. They're reminding us of who is the bug and who is the kid with the magnifying glass.

Additionally, after he couldn't get his daughter to do the right thing and flee for her life, Snyder gave Will the all-access transit pass to go get his son. He had already given him a mini speech about how honorable Will was and not to let anyone take that from him.

Say what you will, but that stuff is rare under these conditions. It's highly doubtful the next proxy will be opening bars, worrying about drones taking down buildings and punishing people without cause.

Let's talk a little bit about things that really didn't work in the finale.

It still seems so strange to me that five people are called "The Resistance." The Resistance seems like a movement while five people? Well, that's just a group of friends hanging out. And not a very keen group.

When they were shuffling along the blocks with the body and the sirens started going off, Katie said, "Is that curfew in the middle of the day?"

Really, Katie? That surprises you? As you and your cohorts carry the body of a host along five blocks of deserted road? I'm sure that line seems innocent when someone wrote it, but when it was delivered, it made Katie sound like an idiot. Of course they're putting the city on lockdown. YOU JUST KIDNAPPED A HOST.

They didn't even know of the murder yet. Imagine the hell that will rain down upon them. Or, glass, if it's anything like Dallas.

Not to mention, I don't believe for a second three geeks had a computer-suited Host in front of them and took out power tools before attempting to touch the electronic side of the fellow. I just don't. 

I didn't even know what they were doing at first. Trying to saw his outfit off? Who would have done that? That's one of the most bizarre things I've seen in a long time.

The final annoyance with the Resistance was "How many people did the Raps kill during the Arrival? At least we're doing it for a purpose." Except the people you're killing don't know that because you are not a well know and organized group like Geronimo was. 

This Resistance isn't by and for the People, but by and for the group. It needs to grow, and fast, to fix that very large oversight which did not die with Quayle.

Snyder's ditzy daughter wasn't super smart either, even if she thought she was pretty cool up there living on a commune. When Cynthia said, "Do you have any idea how embarrassing this is for me?" I wanted to slap her.

I hope we follow her into Colony Season 2 so we can see how embarrassed she is when she discovers there are no more communes, because her dad as Proxy was the only reason she was in one in the first place. Embarrassing!

Oh well. Now we have some setup for the next season.

I think I missed why Bram and his teacher were escaping through the tunnel, but their capture was written on the wall as soon as Will wanted to create a sting using it.

Will Will make it through the gate? When they went through the last time, they mentioned how many times they have to check their badge before they are free of the tunnel. We only saw him go in. Whether he comes out on Season 2? We have a long wait.

Who is watching Katie from the kitchen ceiling? Is that new or have they always been watching? If it's new, how long has it been in there, or was it deactivated when Snyder took Will under his wing? I have a feeling that was addressed in the first two episodes and I've forgotten.

There is a lot to look forward to next season, and I hope some of these little things are recognized and fixed. Despite a season of deep thoughts, this finale was rather light in the loafers. That's OK. Thankfully, there is more to look forward to. If there wasn't, I'd be upset.

We have to wait quite a while to find out if Colony Season 2 picks up where this one left off or jumps ahead. A broken Bowman family should make for a very interesting dynamic. What do you think?

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Gateway Review

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Colony Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nolan: I've got to pick a side, I just don't want to pick the wrong one.
Maddie: Then you support everyone until you absolutely have to choose.

During the Arrival, two of our Hosts were killed in Dallas. That city is now a flat sheet of glass.