Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!

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Let's all agree that Dream Ghosts deserve dental. And that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend deserves the second season it was recently awarded. 

Rebecca's stroll down memory lane gave us an intense look into Rebecca's life and into the lives of those who love her most.

If Rebecca learned anything from her Dream Ghost on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 15, it's that she's definitely surrounded by people who are forever changed because of her.

Also that Greg is super hot. (Yeah, it's not just the middle aged ladies!)

Let's dive into Rebecca's brain and talk about everything we learned during, "Josh Has No Idea Where I Am!"

Dream Ghosts - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Dream Ghost: So you did move to West Covina for Josh?
Rebecca: Oh yeah, hundred percent. I should update that story.

Is anyone actually surprised that Rebecca got on a plane to New York and was trying to run away from her problems in West Covina?

I mean, it's the exact reverse of where we started the series with our heroine. 

Rebecca can always be counted on to pick up and move on from any issue, physically. Mental ones though, those issues aren't easy to run away from.

Fortunately for Rebecca, and for us, Dr. Akopian was her seat mate on this runaway plane, which led to Rebecca having an intense therapy session, showing her all of the places where she has love in her life.

An intense therapy session between herself and her Dream Ghost. Because why would Rebecca ever have a real therapy session? Come on've seen this show before. If it didn't happen in song, it didn't really happen.

So...West Covina wasn't the first time you made a rash decision to win back the man you love.

Dream Ghost

It's not like we didn't know that Rebecca had Daddy issues. Her parents' divorce set the stage for a lot of her childhood flashback disappointments. 

But man, her dad was the worst. 

Rebecca's inability to receive love from a man in any real, unselfish way has never made more sense. Why would she let her guard down and make pancakes for a guy who would only end up breaking her heart and not seeing her again? 

This must be why Rebecca ran away from her date with Greg back on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4. Because she was afraid that she would eat Mexican food with him (like with her father), have a great time, make him pancakes in the morning, only to have him hurt her. 

I imagine my life as a series of musical numbers.


Dream Ghost also revealed that Rebecca's unhappiness in life isn't all tied to men. 

Rebecca loves musicals. (Duh.) She discovered a real passion for musical theater that was so deep she nearly changed her major in college. Imagine our little Rebecca if she had never been a New York City lawyer at all, but a Broadway belle? 

The thing I loved most about this montage of Rebecca's life, as opposed to the others that ripped my heart out and gave me "all the feels," was exactly what Dream Ghost said; this is the moment that had absolutely nothing to do with a man. Life isn't always about a man. 

Rebecca has an incredible passion for musicals. It's how she deals with everything in her life; it's her safe haven, if you will. 

If Rebecca had chased a career in theater, and not worried about a man, maybe her life would have been a much happier one. 

It's also interesting to note that this moment can also be tied to Greg.

Rebecca encouraged Greg earlier this season to take a career risk, not be driven by his duty to his dad (a man), and pursue a job that would make him happier. Hmmm...

See? There is love in your life. You just have to know where to find it.

Dream Ghost

Then there's the people who love Rebecca and how they're feeling knowing that she may be leaving them forever. 

There's Josh, who is grateful that she got him a job at Aloha Tech and that she helped him believe in himself. 

Darryl is thankful that Rebecca helped him to have the courage to change his lifestyle. She's been a great employee to him, but more importantly a friend. 

And Paula...Rebecca re-ignited Paula's life, saved her marriage, and became her best friend in the world. Paula's sadness at the thought of losing Rebecca is just gut-wrenching. 

But Greg? Greg can't figure out why he'd be sad without Rebecca. She's done nothing but hurt him. A lot. 

And yet...

Wow...the middle-aged ladies really like Greg.


Of all of the people who love Rebecca, none of them went to the trouble of calling every hospital and even morgues. Greg is also the one who had the inkling that maybe Rebecca would just do something impulsive and then come home (which is exactly what she did). 

Greg gets Rebecca better than anyone else in that room, even more so than Josh, the guy who's known her the longest. 

Between this, and the overwhelming discussion throughout the episode surrounding Greg's angry hotness, I thought for sure that this episode would end with Rebecca realizing that she has some loving feelings for Greg. 

Alas, that would have been too easy. 

But Rebecca taking the time to actually thank Greg and hug him gives me the idea that their relationship is far from over, even though it hasn't even really begun yet. Why else would she care so much about whether or not Greg cares?

Additionally, why else does Greg seem to fit in to the other areas of Rebecca's life? It doesn't just stop with the Daddy issues, or with pursuing career dreams. It's more.

Greg's life is also a musical. (Remember "What'll It Be?") Those who work out their feelings in song, work together. Greg also spent Thanksgiving with Rebecca doing HER family tradition of watching the dog show.

I'm sure there are more places I can fit the Greg piece into Rebecca's complicated life puzzle, as this is all off the top of my head. But there's something to it, I swear.

Gregbecca is not over yet.

Rebecca: I've been dreaming about him for so long. Like, most of my life. He's the dream, Dream Ghost.
Dream Ghost: But he's an illusion. Just like I am. Maybe it's time you see what else is in your life besides Josh Chan.

The most important thing is this, Rebecca reaching this realization on her own. Dream Ghost is still just Rebecca, working through stuff.

We've seen Rebecca make significant realizations about her life before, only to toss them out the window the second Josh bats an eyelash at her. This time though, it might be different. 

This time Rebecca understands that love with Josh isn't the only love in her life.

If Rebecca TRULY wants love, if that's really her only goal, then she certainly knows now that she has it. 

But where do the writers go from here? There are so many ways that this story can play out for the final three episodes of the season, and I honestly can't figure out whether we are headed toward Rebechan, Gregbecca, or something totally different. 

Sound off below Buncheads! (Yeah, I'm going with Donna Lynne Champlin's name choice for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans!) Will Rebecca really change? Is Greg hot in an angry way? How does Josh not already know that Rebecca loves him? Has he been living under the rock Rebecca threw into her living room?

Missed a moment of the dreamy goodness? You watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online, right here at TV Fanatic!

Be sure to head back next week, on Monday, March 28 for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 16, "Josh's Sister is Getting Married!" as Rebecca tries to make amends with Valencia and Greg makes an important realization of his own.

Josh Has No Idea Where I Am! Review

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Josh: Where is she?
Paula: I thought I knew where she was but...I guess I don't.

Dream Ghost: So you did move to West Covina for Josh?
Rebecca: Oh yeah, hundred percent. I should update that story.