Once Upon a Time Round Table: Brotherly Love

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Killian reconnected with his brother in the Underworld, Hades and Zelena have a connection and Henry looked to be the Author once again on Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 15.

TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Christine Laskodi, Jim Garner and Paul Dailly are joined by Teresa from Once Upon a Fan to debate the link between Zelena and Hades, Liam's return and what Henry will do next after "The Brothers Jones."

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What's the link between Zelena and Hades?

Allison: Based off the promo, I'm going to have to say that Hades has a little crush. I'm not sure why that would be something that Hades would want to hide though. I'm not particularly thrilled about the Zelena connection.

Christine: I agree with Allison about the crush, and I am also not thrilled about Zelena. I'm just over Zelena as a character at this point in the series. I'd prefer for Hades to have an independent story.

Jim: I think he might actually be the father of her baby. It would stand to reason that Hades could make the charm that she was using to look like Robin's wife and he would do that for someone he was in a romance with.

Paul: If he's the father of her baby then I'm out. This is just getting ridiculous now!

Teresa: Teresa: It looks like quite the intense love affair happened. Maybe Hades is the real father of  "Baby Hood." 

What did you think of Liam?

Allison: I didn't like him. He was pompous and loved the hero role that Killian placed him in. I was very disappointed in the brothers Jones story. I couldn't even feel happy for Liam moving on to a better place because I didn't like him.

Christine: I was really with Emma for most of the episode. I didn't have a good feeling about him. I didn't hate him, but I also didn't love him, either. He served his purpose I guess? It's nice to flesh out Killian's backstory a little bit, besides what we know of his history with Rumple and Milah, and see his own complicated family stuff, but I'd need to see Liam more to develop a real opinion, other than being impartial.

Jim: I'm in the same boat as Allison (see what I did there). We didn't get to know Liam well enough to really see the man behind the betrayal, all we got was the self-righteous jerk. I wish we could have met him a little earlier or at least seen him for more than one episode.    

Paul: I didn't like him, either. All he brought with him was a terrible attitude and I'm glad he's away for now. 

Teresa: I liked him more in his last appearance ("Good Form"). His best moment for me was when he let Emma have it for making Hook a Dark One. It went completely against his brother's "magical healthcare directives" and I think she earned the rebuke. 

How will the arc with Henry with the quill play out?

Allison: I'm not sure. I'm excited to see Henry be the Author again and tap into that magic. Like he said, Henry's been stuck on the sidelines. Hopefully this is a way that will make him useful again.

Christine: I think Henry is playing a dangerous game and that he's going to end up getting someone killed. Henry is still naive enough to put faith in people that he shouldn't. And he's stupid enough that he's hiding things from the people he SHOULD be putting faith in.

Jim: I was thrilled when he came forward with his family. Of course this is going to have consequences with Cruella, I hope they keep that in mind.  

Paul: It could be a little intriguing, but why doesn't he just write Hades out of the equation?

Teresa: I can see Henry successfully recording the correct stories. Perhaps this will cause a chain reaction, restoring order, and the Storybrooke characters can return to their rightful realm. 

Are there any characters you'd like to see in the land of the living?

Allison: No. I'm bored of everyone in the Underworld. They died for a reason, so they should stay down there. If anyone came back up, we'd basically be repeating history. 

Christine: Yeah, I'm also bored already. I don't need a rehash of characters I was already happy to send off. Other than Neal. If I could see Neal again, I'd be on board, but they already addressed that not being a possibility.  

Jim: Same as above, I'm kind of bored with the underworld and ready to go back to the overworld for a better story line.  

Paul: I'm the same. When shows begin to rely on deceased characters to drive the story forward, it's a red flag that the writers have run out of ideas.

Teresa: Cruella! And Cruella. Also, Evil Twin James and The Blind Witch. They are too much fun. I would not object to Hades either. He is a deliciously evil addition to the story. 

Is there any hope that all of our favorite characters make it out alive?

Allison: There's always hope! Didn't you pick up on Snow's many speeches throughout the year? Somehow, our gang will make it out alive. I mean I'd be fine if Rumple didn't, but other than that, I have faith in everyone's ability to survive. 

Christine: After all these years, I think it's time to shake things up and kill someone for good. It would force the writers to change things up a little, and even in fairy tales, not everyone makes it to the end. At some point, the group is going to have to sacrifice someone in order to keep moving forward. But not Emma...or Regina...or Hook. 

Jim: Christine, are you not considering when they killed of Neal? That was a pretty bold move to kill him off, it shook things up. I'm hopeful they all get out alive myself. 

Paul: I think some of the characters will stay in The Underworld. If Hook does, I will scream so loud at the TV that everyone there will hear.

Teresa: I don't think so. The signs are all pointing to a devastating conclusion for at least one section of the fandom. Which one, I am not certain, but I think it would not be out of order for people to place bulk tissue orders come May!

Check back on Sunday for our review of Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 16 and if you can't wait for more magic, you can watch Once Upon a Time online here at TV Fanatic. 

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