Quantico Round Table: Breaking Up is Hard To Do

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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 15, the Charlie/terrorist cell drama finally came to an end, or so we hope, but not without putting the lives of people at risk first. Drew's surprisingly back in action at Quantico, and now that Alex is a free woman, does this mean there's a chance for romance between these two NATs?

Below, TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Kelly Thompson, and Allison Nichols share their take on Shelby's very much alive parents, Hannah joining Alex and Simon's quest to stop a terrorist, and whether or not anyone cared about the Charlie storyline.

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Shelby's parents faked their death. React.

Kelly: While I think it's completely ridiculous, I am mad that I didn't call that this was going to happen. I want to be mad about it but Kelly Rutherford is playing Shelby's mom. That is brilliant casting!

Paul: That was a great twist, but I agree with Kelly that we should have figured it out. Kelly Rutherford is a great actress, so I'll forgive the lack of originality!

Allison: I’m definitely intrigued now, and I cannot wait to see Kelly Rutherford in the Quantico world. I’m really curious as to why they would do something so drastic and make an orphan out of their daughter. That’s a super harsh move.

Did Alex make the right decision in dumping Ryan?

Kelly: Yes! Alex needs to concentrate on being a good FBI agent because as much as she tries to not be led by her emotions, she is. Ryan is a distraction she doesn't need in the either time periods. Alex and Ryan are probably endgame, it's a little too early to tell, but this time apart is needed. However, if this leads to her hooking up with Drew, I will be very upset.

Paul: I agree. This was a long time coming and it proved Alex's commitment to the FBI.

Allison: Right now, there wasn’t a way that their relationship would work. Ryan’s off somewhere undercover, and Alex is still in training. She’s not an agent yet. She definitely needed to take a step back, so she could give the FBI her all.

What did you think of all the Charlie and terrorist cell drama?

Kelly: Glad it's over. I like Miranda and giving her more to do is something the show needs to work on but enough with the Charlie plot.

Paul: I thought the Charlie plot was the weak link of the season, but it lead us to some pretty tense drama at Quantico and made the flashbacks interesting.

Allison: Agreed. This was by far one of my least favorite storylines. It wasn’t entertaining at all. I really hope we’re done with this. Let’s move on to something at least remotely intriguing.

Hannah is now in the loop. Do you think she'll be able to help Alex out or will she be more trouble than she's worth?

Kelly: I think she'll help but more specifically, I think she is going to be the next killed. Having Hannah on the team makes me think they will make some headway on figuring out who the terrorist is and Eliza Coupe is so great in this show. It will be a shame when they kill off her character, which will definitely happen, right?

Paul: I'm with Kelly here. Hannah is going to take the fall on the attack of Mrs. Haas and that's what will inevitably lead Ryan on a mission to take Alex down.

Allison: Yeah, it definitely doesn’t look good for Hannah. I don’t think Alex has realized what Hannah being on the team means – she’s going to take control of the situation. I don’t know how quiet Hannah is going to operate, if that makes sense. I am excited to see Hannah working with Alex and Simon though. She’s just a lot of fun to watch. Like Kelly said, Eliza Coupe is absolutely amazing.

Senator Haas says she knows where Caleb is. Any theories on where that might be and why his mom is the only one who knows he is there?

Kelly: I honestly didn't even realize that Caleb was missing from the current time period. Why is his whereabouts a mystery? I have no theories at this point but this is the one plot line, I'm excited to find out more about.

Paul: I have no idea. Maybe he's joined another cult or something and made himself a whole new persona. Soon he'll have one for every day of the week.

Allison: He’s either in hiding or seriously injured. If he was badly hurt, it would make sense that only his mom would know where he is. She would want her son to recover in peace. However, we do know that Mark Raymond was looking at safety deposit boxes in the bank that housed the Command Center, so maybe Caleb is hiding out either because he is the terrorist or because he knows he looks really guilty.

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