Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Alex

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It's time to dive back into this conspiracy-filled, twisted drama.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 12, we jumped ahead three months after the Command Center bombing, which made some things difficult to follow.

Basically, when we pick up, no one agreed with Alex that Elias was being manipulated, and now everyone hates her, again. Side note – did Caleb survive the bombing? What do you think? I'm pretty sure he's still alive.

Alex Testifies - Quantico

It's a little hard to understand why everyone, fellow FBI agents and the public alike, hate her. Somewhere in the three months we missed the public rallied around her, applauding her for how she fought for truth. Okay, that part made sense, but the rapid turn of opinion did not.

Alex was mobbed when she changed her vote. Where did all that hate come from?

Also, can we stop with everyone turning their backs on Alex? It's not entertaining anymore, especially because it keeps happening. No one believed Alex when she said she wasn't the terrorist. Then, people slowly came to her side. Now, everyone hates her again.

Every time someone changes their opinion on Alex, I roll my eyes. You could probably make this a drinking game.

A big issue with no one else believing that Elias was being manipulated is that it makes them all look like idiots. We now know that Elias was telling the truth, and that Alex was right. You would hope that at least a couple people in the FBI were smart enough to consider the possibility that Elias right.

Did anyone else do any investigating like Alex has been doing? It doesn't look like it, but this is probably another downside of the time jump.

Simon claimed he spent three months trying to make sense of it all, but his word isn't enough. We jumped into the mix when everyone had made up their minds, and no one had any doubts. Were they just towing the company line or did they all do some investigating that we missed?

While this episode is titled "Alex," this can't just be the Alex Parrish show.

Alex has constantly been shown as the superior one n her class. The issue is that typically the front runner changes from time to time. If someone is on top one day, they get knocked down by the next week or month.

Sure, she isn't always the one who saves the day at Quantico, but she's still being paraded as the only one who can see what's really going on.

When a terrorist builds a secret passage way into your apartment and frames you for mass murder, burning sage doesn't really cut it.

Alex needs to get knocked down a peg so we can relate to her a bit better. I mean, she already has amazing hair that us mere mortals will never be able to achieve.

I'm sure a lot of us can relate to believing in something so strongly and being wrong or screwing up big time at work, but how many of us can claim that we were right almost all the time while everyone else at work failed to see what was really going on?

I was kind of hoping that Alex was wrong about Elias being manipulated and that she was just unable to cope with the idea that Elias did this to her. This could have allowed us to see a more vulnerable Alex. Someone who believed the best in a friend and was betrayed. Sadly, that's not what happened.

As far as twists go, Alex being the terrorist's newest pawn is just so-so. The plus side is that this will be a new way for Alex to investigate who this terrorist is. She'll be in direct contact with the terrorist, and she'll most likely fight against every task she's forced to do.

The downside is what this looks like – what kind of terrorist needs to force people to carry out his/her schemes? I mean destroying lives could be what gets the terrorist off, but it also makes me question how much skill and power the terrorist has on his/her on. Is Alex going to get text messages at dramatic times?

Also, this comes across as not the smartest play that the terrorist could have made. Alex has proven that she will never stop fighting for the truth, even if she is the only one still looking. We saw how resourceful she was when she was on the run when everyone was after her.

The terrorist called her right after Alex basically agreed to put the investigation on the back burner. The terrorist could have operated without fear that anyone would find him/her, but instead, the terrorist proved Alex was right and that she shouldn't stop looking.

If I were the terrorist, I wouldn't bring my biggest threat into the fold. Sure, I'd have her at gunpoint, so to speak, but every time I spoke to her, I'd be giving her more ammunition to use against me. What do you think? Did the terrorist make a stupid move by deciding to use Alex?

Please don't get me started on the Samar drama. Couldn't we have just let this con artist storyline go? We had to make this into a bigger sob story. I'm tired of it. Are you intrigued by this latest development? I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Charlie storyline is more entertaining to me, and I've hated it since day one.

Let's talked about what worked during the hour, shall we?

Caleb: Okay rocket man, here's how this is going to go down: I'm going to smack you around a little silly, and you're just gonna try not to bruise too much.

The Color Wars at Quantico were a lot of fun. We got to see the NATs united against a common enemy – the upper class. It was so refreshing to see all of our NATs on the same side.

The Color Wars was also a nice way to recap all the training that the NATs have had so far. It was a lot of fun to watch them dig up dirt on the upper class, and now that they are all in the same training class, things at Quantico are going to get a lot more interesting.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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Alex Review

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