Rosewood Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Hydrocephalus & Hard Knocks

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Is Joo Joo capable of being a murderer?

That's the question everyone wanted answered while watching Rosewood Season 1 Episode 14.

While unofficially celebrating their nine-and-a-half month working anniversary Rosie and Villa attend an extravagant celebration with Joo Joo as their host. Problems arise when socialite Holly turns up dead with all fingers pointing towards Joo Joo.

Rosewood: Happy anniversary partner.
Villa: What anniversary?
Rosewood: Our nine month anniversary.

Rosie insisted he and Villa celebrate the anniversary of their partnership. It's hard to believe they've been working together for only nine months. Time is moving fast in Miami.

After everything she's been through, Villa has never been the type to have the urge to celebrate something simple like a partnership anniversary. So it wasn't surprising when she was baffled at Rosie's request to celebrate their nine months.

Rosie, man I need your help.

Joo Joo

While at the party, Joo Joo offered a toast to the duo. He even invited famous Miami socialite, Holly, to attend the party. The day after the party is when things go bad, especially for Joo Joo.

Joo Joo wakes up to see Holly in his hotel bed. When he tries to wake her up, he realizes she's dead. Like any smart person in Miami, Joo Joo's first thought is to call Rosie. He knows Rosie will help him solve Holly's murder in a timely manner.

Do you know what happens to a black man found in bed with a dead white girl?

Joo Joo

Since Joo Joo was technically the last person to see Holly alive, it's safe to assume he's responsible for her murder. According to some folks in Miami, Joo Joo is notoriously known for having a quick temper. This leads some people to believe an argument between Holly and Joo Joo caused him to snap, resulting in Holly's murder.

The alarming part of the whole murder investigation is that Joo Joo couldn't remember anything prior to attending the party. His mind has blocked out important facts about that night. Joo Joo even begins questioning if he was truly responsible for Holly's murder.

As it turns out, after years of playing football Joo Joo has sustained multiple head injuries, causing him to black out and forget things. Thanks to Rosie, Joo Joo decides to have an MRI, inspiring him to go ahead with the medical procedure.

Tell me what you did.


During the investigation, we learn Joo Joo had nothing to do with Holly's murder. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Instead, it is Holly's future mother-in-law who committed the crime. She couldn't stand the fact that her beloved son, Zack, wanted to marry "trailer trash" Holly. If Zack's mother would've just minded her own business, all of this could've easily been avoided.

What's the appropriate greeting in a situation like this? It's been so long.

Mrs. Izikoff

Speaking of mothers minding their own business, TMI's mother finally pays her daughter a visit. After years of not speaking to TMI because she decided to marry Pippy, Mrs. Izikoff decides to put her pride to the side and reunite with TMI. The talk between Donna and Mrs. Izikoff definitely had something to do with this mini reunion.

The reunion between TMI and her mom didn't last long though. Mrs. Izikoff has the nerve to bribe TMI with money in order to get her away from Pippy.

Once TMI realizes her mother's true motives for reuniting, I highly doubt the two will ever be on speaking terms again. I had high hopes for TMI and Mrs. Izikoff working on their relationship, but those hopes are long gone now.

You don't have to do it alone. I got you.


Can we talk about the kiss that almost happened between Rosie and Villa? I truly think somewhere down the road, the duo will cross the professional partners line and may actually begin dating. There are underlying feelings between both Rosie and Villa. If they decide to be more than working partners, I wouldn't mind.

After Villa moves into her new home, Rosie assures here that if she needs anything, he's just one call away. They both need someone they can comfortably trust and talk to and they have they with each other without even realizing it.

So, what did you think of Mrs. Izikoff's bribe to TMI? Will Rosie and Villa eventually become an item? Did you have doubts about Joo Joo's innocence?

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Hydrocephalus & Hard Knocks Review

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I can say a lot of words to describe your new place, amazing isn't one of them.


Rosewood: Happy anniversary partner.
Villa: What anniversary?
Rosewood: Our nine month anniversary.