Suits Round Table: Will Rachel Wait For Mike?

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Mike was sent to jail and everyone else was left with a lot of heartbreak.

On Suits Season 5 Episode 16 the show closed off the main plot of the series and set things up for an interesting, fresh start, but will it be able to maintain the luster of this season for next?

Below, TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Stacy Glanzman and Paul Dailly discuss Mike's jail time, the firm and whether Rachel will wait for Mike. 

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What did you think about Mike going to jail?

Christine: I thought it was a great storyline twist because it leaves us with so many questions and gives Mike some sense of redemption. I also loved that Harvey was the person who was with him when he showed up at the prison. It really spoke to how close these two have gotten since the beginning of the show.

Stacy: It is surprising, but I think it makes sense. It would not have been realistic if everyone came out of this completely unscathed, and it makes sense that Mike is the one to bite the bullet. While I knew that verdict was going to be not guilty, it is true to Mike's character to not take the chance. 

Paul: I found it very surprising, but it was the best way to end this storyline once and for all. It remains to be seen if he actually spends both years inside, but I would hope that he did.

What will become of the firm?

Christine: I honestly don’t know. Are Jessica, Harvey, Louis and Donna going to turn it into some sort of high-end boutique law firm? I’m not sure how they handle EVERYONE walking out, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Stacy: I suppose it will be time to rebuild from the ground up. How they're going to do that with their reputation in the dirt, I don't know. Jessica is resourceful, I think she will find a way. 

Paul: There will be a lot of change for sure, but I think it's going to be alright in the end. The more pressing question for me is, how will Jessica leave the show? Let's face it, Gina Torres wants out.

Will Rachel wait for Mike?

Christine: Yes. She loves Mike and she’ll stand by him. She was angry with him because he made this huge decision without even talking to her about it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. If they don’t get married in the future, I think it will most likely be because Mike’s afraid he’s holding her back, not because Rachel won’t wait for him.

Stacy: I think she will. Her dad will probably line up every guy he can to try to talk her out of it, but she loves Mike and she'll wait. At least Mike didn't marry her first. Hopefully Robert will at least take that into account when he gets out. Let her become a lawyer and get into the bar, then they can get married. 

Paul: I would like to think so, but I think the show is going to introduce the age old trope of having them apart for so long that she has a new love interest before he gets out, and it will leave us with a big question whether she will choose Mike or the newbie.

Have we seen the last of Gibbs?

Christine:  I certainly hope so. I can’t say I enjoyed her character, and I’m more than ready to move on from this case.

Stacy: I hope so too. I don't really see any reason why we need to see her again, and I'm ready to move on as well. 

Paul: I thought she was a great villain, but she got away with far too much. If they find a way to get Mike out of prison, then she'll probably appear for her comeuppance.

Grade Suits Season 5!

Christine: A+. Watching everyone scramble to save Mike and themselves was epic. These last six episodes were some of the best of the series.

Stacy: A+ as well. This has easily been my favorite season of the series, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. 

Paul: It's an A+ from me! Some shows fall apart when they go on a more serialized route, but Suits has been literally throwing it out of the park every week this season.

Where do we go from here with these characters?

Christine: I don’t know, which is what makes it all the more fun. Mike will be in prison. His law career is over. The firm is in shambles. Everyone else will be guilty in the eyes of the public because of their association with Mike. The ripple effects should keep things interesting for many episodes to come.

Stacy: I have no idea, and like Christine said, that's part of the fun. I'm sure the writers will come up with an interesting way to make it all work. Maybe Mike will get out early due to overcrowding or something. I hope we don't just pick up two years later and not get to see what happens in that time. 

Paul: I actually have no idea. I'm excited, but very cautious about the new season. I only hope that they can maintain the level of storytelling from this season.

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