Switched at Birth to End After Season 5

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Switched at Birth will be ending after its current and fifth season, according to creator Lizzy Weiss. 

Weiss just Tweeted this message: “This season of #SwitchedatBirth will be our final one. We are ending the show after an amazing 103 episodes with pride, love, and gratitude.”


Switched at Birth first started airing on ABC Family in 2011. 

The series is about two teenage girls, one hearing and affluent and one deaf and working class, whose lives are turned upside down when they discover they were switched at birth. 

The series has showcased stories about the lives of hard-of-hearing individuals, and the cast features multiple deaf and hearing impaired actors, which is a first for a television series.

The final season has yet to be scheduled at this time.

You can watch Switched at Birth online to catch up before then right here at TV Fanatic.

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