The Catch Round Table: What's Alice's Next Move?

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Were you reeled in by the new member of ABC's TGIT?

On The Catch Season 1 Episode 1, Alice's life was turned upside down when the man of her dreams took all of her money. 

TV Fanatics Christine Laskodi, Ashley Sumerel and Paul Dailly chat about Alice's next move, who Benjamin loves more and what format the show should take.

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Should Alice have realized what was going on sooner?

Christine: Yes! This is her JOB. If I were a client of hers and found out about this, I'd find a new investigator. But on the other hand, she was totally blinded by love. However, if after a year together you never realize that you have a good photo together or that you know NOTHING other than superficial things about your partner, there should be red flags.

Ashley: I was actually hoping it would take longer for all of this to happen. I think a few episodes of the two of them planning their wedding, all while she's unknowingly chasing him could have been really interesting. But yes, Christine is right – this is her job, so it is surprising she didn't figure it out sooner. 

Paul: I agree with both Christine and Ashley. This is her job, so it's a little surprising that she didn't have any idea what was about to happen to her.

What's her next move?

Christine: If it were me, I'd take down that painting and tear it to pieces for clues. She's got to stay one step ahead of him if she's ever going to have a real shot at tying him down. 

Ashley: That painting is definitely doing to be important. I also think she can use the fact that he really did care for her to her advantage. He's going to make a mistake because he still wants to be near her. 

Paul: I have no idea. Margot probably won't take too kindly to the transfer being stopped, so she's probably going to blackmail the firm and that will lead Alice closer to taking someone down.

Who does Benjamin like more, Alice, or Margot?

Christine: Alice, for sure. He wanted to run away with her, and I do think he was being genuine when he asked her that. He saw a brief window to escape their lives, and he tried to take it. He can't stay away from her, as the painting showed. He'll always keep her at arm's length just so he can see her. 

Ashley: I agree. That was a genuine moment, and I think he really does love Alice. 

Paul: I also agree. He was with her for so long that he grew to love her. I do think he has a lot of loyalty to Margot, but his love is for Alice.

Would you prefer a case of the week, or most of the focus to be put on the catch?

Christine: I'd like a mixture of both. I want the one-off cases that will show us why Alice is good at her job, but then I want to watch her lose that when it comes to Benjamin/Christopher. I keep calling him Christopher because Alice does!

Ashley: I think we need a case of the week structure for the show to last, but she needs to be going after Christopher the entire time, too. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

Paul: I'd also like a mixture of both. The show seems ripe to have the cat and mouse game playing in the background while the team solve cases.

Grade the premiere!

Christine: I'd give it a solid B+. It's not quite an A, but it definitely has the potential. It's a great mix of Alias and soap operas, which works really well for me. 

Ashley: I'm going to say A-. I really loved it, and I was captivated the entire time. Plus, I can't get over how amazing Peter Krause was at playing a totally different role. He's the exact opposite of Adam Braverman, but it's immediately believable. 

Paul: I'd give it an A-. It was different to what I thought it would be based on the original trailer and it did a pretty stellar job of setting the world up.

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Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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