The Young and the Restless Recap: Victor's Downfall

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The world is starting to fall in on Victor. 

On The Young and the Restless this week, Victor was at his worst while people ganged up on him and expected him to pay for his crimes.

At the head of all of this were Phyllis and Jack, who decided they were done allowing him to get away with the terrible things he had done to them. As more and more people discovered what they suffered, more people stepped up -- even Victoria, who gave the police a disc filled with evidence.

Even with the walls closing in, however, Victor still managed to make it all about him and to show just how ugly he is inside. 

Oh Poor Victor - The Young and the Restless

It was a particularly ugly week all around on Y&R. 

Thankfully, there were some people who rose above the ugliness. The Newmans, while still loving their patriarch and standing by him as a part of the family, didn't support the decisions he made that put him in handcuffs and behind bars.

When he pretended to have a heart attack (or something) to get out of going to prison, Nikki called him out on it, almost embarrassed at the lengths he'd go to get out of paying for his sins.

And sins the man does have. It was horrible watching the media during the week ask Phyllis how she couldn't know Marco wasn't her husband when he was in bed with her. It's too bad they don't remember him, because they were probably interviewing him and putting his face on the front page when he was signing over Jabot, too.

Then we learned Jack, who had been scared stiff about what happened on that freighter and over what happened to Kelly, didn't harm anyone on the freighter. Whoever talked to Paul? Lied. There was no explosion, there were no deaths. Victor made it all up.

When Abby revealed to Ben what happened to Kelly, she conveniently left out her father's role in it, blaming it all on Victor. I wouldn't even be surprised at this point if Kelly showed up. There wasn't a body, after all. Not the second time. The only body we saw was the fake one. 

Yet Victor is still guilty of kidnapping and torturing Jack. In fact, what he did to Jack and Phyllis is some of the most significant torture I've ever seen on a soap opera. 

So what did Victor do about it when he was caught? He told a miserable tale to his granddaughter about what his family's world would be like if he had abandoned them in some sort of "road less traveled" garbage. And it was garbage.

What was the road less traveled that he took, by the way? If we're to believe Victor (and portrayer Eric Braeden), it's that he stuck around his ungrateful wife and children who, over the years, have talked back to him and questioned his decisions without thanking him for all the wonderful things he has done for them.

That alone makes me sick. But there's more!

If he had walked out on them, as they apparently deserved, their lives would have been hell.

It went something like this...Anyone who had his influence and lost it turned into a hooker, was homeless, alcoholic or something similar. Those who never knew him ever were pretty spectacular.

Nikki was a homeless ex prostitute. Sharon was married to Jack. Victoria a raging, bratty alcoholic with a decent husband in Billy who couldn't abide by her behavior. But he wasn't that great, because he killed the princely Adam, who had been turned down for a loan by the rotten business minded Nick.

Abby, meanwhile, had been abandoned by Ashley at a young age, so she was a high class call girl (at least she was high class). 

It was one of the worst hours of television ever. It was (and I hate this word) misogynistic and self-aggrandizing. Just terrible.

Maybe you disagree. Tell me. I'm listening.

Phyllis' idea for the trial, though, is solidly bad. I hope Michael doesn't decide to go along with it.

Keeping things on the low this week, Hillary blackmailed Ashley to step down from her position. Apparently she wants power and glory, but doesn't want to do the work to get it. She just wants to have it handed to her.

Devon seems skeptical. For how long will he go along with it? He's a decent guy, and far too good for Hillary.

Ben's going to be sorry his Boy didn't get some counseling after all. The week ended with social services stepping in and questioning the family, starting with The Boy as a result of allegations he made after fights at school about abuse at home. Does he even have a home?

Heck, I thought he was enjoying Ashley's company. Should have guessed that was a ploy.

The last note is for Sage rushing into the adoption. Did you see the look on Shawn's face when they were looking at the baby for the first time? And the one on Sage's face? Oh, this is going to be terrible. 

The best case scenario is Shawn lives with the family going forward. There's no way she's giving her baby up forever. No way.

Jump in you guys. Were you as disgusted with the whole Victor thing as I was? Are you hopeful he'll live through a rough patch and have to pay for his sins in some form, even if it's not prison? Drop me a line! Let's chat.

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