Days of Our Lives Recap: Ben Weston Returns! (Or Does He?)

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The chaos surrounding Abigail and Chad's union continued this week on Days of Our Lives, as Abigail seemed to see Ben everywhere and it wasn't clear if any of it was real.

JJ and Chad - Days of Our Lives

Certainly Abby's long conversation with Ben in which he kidnapped Thomas and insisted his son had to be called Colin wasn't real. This was one of the most effective sequences in this storyline.

The looks on both Chad and JJ's faces really told the story as both Abby's brother and her new husband realized she was suffering some sort of breakdown.

JJ had the sense to call a doctor. It saddened me all over again that Daniel was gone because the history between Daniel and both of Jen's kids would have made these scenes so powerful. Instead we got Fynn.

Fynn diagnosed Abby with a panic attack, which certainly was not what happened, and advised her to take an extra anti-anxiety pill if she still felt anxious within a few hours.

Is Fynn going to turn out to be one of those doctors who overprescribes medication and/or gets kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies? It's bad enough that Jennifer seems to be overusing her pain pills; why is he advising Abby to just keep taking pills?

Also, why is he prescribing psychiatric drugs when the town psychiatrist is also a family friend?

Anyway, the creepy scenes with Abby in the haunted Dimera mansion were well done, and it was nice to see JJ for more than 30 seconds at a time, even if his only purpose seemed to be to remind us over and over that Abigail is a wonderful sister.

JJ told a completely ridiculous story about Abby comforting him as a child, checked the grounds several times, then went home.

Afterwards, Abby and Chad decided to have sex in the garden, in full view of the guards. This made even less sense than Abby telling Chad she was no longer having visions of Ben after having three visions while he was asleep.  

At least that could be chalked up to Abby being Jennifer's daughter, since her mother constantly says things are fine when they're not.

A 30 year feud. Sounds like the Greek plays that he's always talking about, that always end with the stage strewn in bodies.


Deimos' scheme to use Maggie to gain revenge against Victor took a tragic turn when his poisoning her caused her to fall down the steps. Deimos told both Kate and Victor that Maggie was a wonderful woman. It'll be interesting to see how this development affects him.

Of course, first he has to deal with Victor seeming to have a heart attack. Victor's illness occurred just as he was about to slash Deimos with a knife. Whether that's a coincidence or not is anyone's guess. He faked one before to try to get rid of Deimos, so who knows if Deimos will actually believe he's dying this time.

I always think honesty is the best policy when there's no other choice.


Kate seemed to have met her soulmate. She and Deimos share an interest in using people for revenge or other self-serving purposes and poisoning anyone who gets in their way.  It was hard to tell if she was turned on by Deimos' ruthlessness or if she disapproved of it. 

Summer: You're Victor, right?
Victor: And you must be the opportunistic little grifter who crawled out of the gutter to bilk my wife.

While at Maggie's bedside, Victor managed to tell Summer he was onto her. It was disappointing that his entire reason for distrusting her was that she had a criminal record. Had Maggie been awake, she might have pointed out that her nephew JJ had a similar record and is now a cop!

In any event, while Victor certainly spoke for the audience with his distrust and dislike of Summer, it would have been nice for him to have had some actual dirt on her. Maybe he and Theresa can bond over their feelings towards this woman.

I just wanna talk about the good times, the past and still to come. Cause no matter what happens tomorrow, my life is not over.


Steve and Kayla shared a romantic last evening before Steve has to face the music about breaking the terms of his bail. These were some really sweet scenes.

There haven't been enough romantic interludes between violent goings-on recently, and having Steve and Kayla dance and count their blessings was a nice break from all the darkness.

Theresa and Brady also had some nice romantic moments during their engagement party and afterwards. Too bad it was ruined by this silly heart transplant storyline. Brady apparently had a panic attack because Daniel's heart was telling him something was wrong with Maggie.

Can we stop this already? At this point Brady's heart needs to just become part of Brady. Having Brady be pseudo-Daniel just doesn't work.

There was yet another conversation between Philip and Belle in which he wanted a relationship and she proceeded to be obnoxious about it. Enough said.

Finally, Ciara fell apart when she found out Chase was released on bail. I hope she stops talking about therapy and goes. The power of these scenes was diluted by the fact that it was so similar to Abby/Ben. Abby can't get Ben out of her head and Ciara can't get Chase out of hers.

Plus the whole town now seems to know that Chase is a bad kid, thus increasing the unnecessary Jennings bashing in this storyline. Was I the only one who felt sorry for Chase despite what he did to Ciara?

Your turn! What was your favorite storyline this week? What do you think happened to Victor? Will Maggie's back heal?

Weigh in below, and don't forget to check back on Sunday for the Round Table Discussion.


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